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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Lolololol nooooope-nooo warning for the lovely Joanne!!! And this time if I can fit in a bedpan, along with a colostomy bag then you can bet your bottom dollar that the most rancid and unsavory effects I can create will be unleashed in the form of plastic monsters and men.

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    I’m so mid afternoon update1 : Name:  95B4BCCC-09B2-4006-B6EF-37F5860E92A1.jpg
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Size:  783.3 KBName:  38E57400-6C8C-476E-87EF-028E110656B3.jpeg
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Size:  1.28 MBName:  3FFA8729-9FF6-4A89-95BC-4067CA0AB1A1.jpeg
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Size:  1.87 MBName:  7F517C71-C774-4435-A2EC-B4498E7481C4.jpeg
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    Direct light overhead !!!Name:  0FCC1725-DEAC-46AB-A399-D41C2D0836B1.jpeg
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Size:  1.29 MBName:  57FD1B27-B312-4BEE-923E-21F7B84D2469.jpeg
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Size:  1.55 MBName:  6C107705-A8FB-47F1-9841-387254C84368.jpeg
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    I don't know, "three-headed fire tummy guy" seems about as good a name as any! Great work all around

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    What pinks do you use for the tongues? Sorry if you’ve already covered this. I have the mind of a goldfish at the moment. However my stomach remembers and begins to bubble as soon as my eyes see your thread. I apologise but I have to skip mr bitey belly atm.

    Edit: I mean the pinks on the tongue of the three headed fire belly and his play pals.
    I think the gobbo just above me needs some serious pink eye treatment.
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    Hey guys thank you -
    @Jo (bullfrog) it’s fro reapermstwr series “BONES”line called monster maw- I use it hand in hand with another brighter pink called bubblegum pink. And that’s from reaper “master series paints line(MSP).

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    Default My original thread was called “all things green and in b/n”!!

    however I chose to venture out into other colors and not just ork and goblin models. However I think my love of green skins is always there. I guess my fav color is green- btw I have a tub ofName:  image.jpg
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Size:  1.66 MB originalgiblun green almost full this is from one of the oldest paintlines produced by citadel color. I break it out from time to time when I want my greenskuns to have that special color remnant of the days from oldhammer posters of space orks and marauder images.Name:  D95D42DA-0ACB-49EC-BCF9-9F07DDD94EC5.jpeg
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Size:  1.61 MBName:  1B524D92-B37D-4FCE-AF55-0FACD2F5B1D4.jpeg
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    Yeah that’s right !!!! Update on project two out of 6 - won’t show em all just the ones I really am into-Name:  6DEDC568-B4F5-4CC1-80FA-56C375927351.jpeg
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Size:  370.4 KBName:  8628457F-80C4-455B-8E03-2C59056BFE55.jpeg
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    Oh yeah Goblin Green! People would pay you a small fortune for that pot!

    Three-Headed Fire Tummy Guy is looking awesome. Nice to see you work on something a bit bigger!

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    Ehhhh thanks matey. I’ve did pectoral work today on top of every other thing I’ve dine -machine man should’ve been my name tag!!!layering dine tomorrow I’ll hit it with some more shade .
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    cool work on the 3 headed man, ive stared to prepp that one too. love these rogue trader guys

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    Ehhh skells y Hanks so muchos skells. You da man. Cannot wait to see your magic!!! Of course I always love a paintalong- being your in this rogue trader stuff as well... kindly SHOW US HOW ITS DONE- not like your a 29 multi multi multi multi multi (would write multi a thousand times but my hands hurt from texting it) award winner. I also believe you have the most out of any competitor. Scary thing is your still a young man by the time your Swedish bum hits 50 lord knows what you’ll amassed.
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    Lets start off with the three head (red headed)stepchild who doesn’t know his father is- don’t feel bad neither do the other two!!! Roll on snare drumb. Bada bahhh!!! Yes folks in here all week
    Name:  74EC75BD-9B76-4037-9EA1-8EBC8354BA27.jpg
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    Just finished off the skin-for now-:/ on the zorzitbags and his merry band of pricks(lol NEEGAN!TWD) now I will take the pictures of them tonight to see my next avenue. Really looking forward to the word and cracked leather!!! stay tuned- now back to the three stooges - and BTW where’s that tank cannon :-/

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    Lololololololololololololl still laughing while typing g the lil face kills me. First time ever I’ve laughed st my own work!!!Name:  CAF214C7-6417-4F9D-A441-F5FFBF72B017.jpg
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    And end of the days work on the-Thinggg wiiith threeee heeeeads!!! DUN DUN DUN!!!!Name:  693493E5-20E6-44BC-A40F-178FDDAE27AD.jpeg
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    Shark Rokkits Make More Boom!

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    After all my projects are done I’ll turn my sights on the ENTIRE BLACKSTONE FORTRESS- in my opinion these are the best character models GW ever produced. That is if they haven’t came out with any other tantalizing stuff!!!Name:  ED95530A-EE9B-4551-9A44-26FB2F22A46D.jpg
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Size:  1.01 MByessir doubles- eh it’s an investment!!!()

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    Light directly in em until I gitz(lol) em in the light box tonight. In been a mess so it’s tough to get the gold photos yet as the tradesman have been installing a tub in our home for the last 3.5 weeks. Yess a month to do one here’s a sneaky Pete thee photos are Name:  B442BC18-D0CF-4ED1-80E3-985C3D3DF5CB.jpeg
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Size:  1.25 MBName:  D4EC6C83-7BEC-4D6B-8F02-773C3CB0A0A0.jpeg
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    in my opinion these are the best character models GW ever produced.
    You really want to test my willstrenght as hard as you can don't you ?

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