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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Thanks Eki,zabby,foxy, toadie. You guys are golden

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    Your brother laid the ring in his girlfriend’s WHAT!? You really gotta be finishing your sentences there Mr. BaM.

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    @Bullfrog, technically BAM didn't say "what" his brother laid on her...

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    Lololol some of my babble just cant be deciphered . I meant when she turned round -he popped the question. Laid it on her.
    This is why I love you guys.

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    Merry Christmas BaM, looks like you had a good one! Congrats to your brother and his fiancee

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    Hope you had a good Christmas. The family photo is looking nice

    Quote Originally Posted by Zab View Post
    nice! merry xmas! Wait so is that the family xmas card photo or...
    wow, I keep noticing these recent Zab sitings and am begining to think I should start prepping for the end times. Lol

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    Lllloooooolllllllll. Yeah krule didn’t know if it was the real him or some creepy AI trying to fit the bill.))

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    Beep boop. This is the real Zab do not be alarmed.
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

    Instagram: almost_zab
    DeviantArt Handle: AlmostZab
    Art Amino Handle: Almost Perftec Painting
    P&P: Neil Szabo

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    Yerrrp!! Suuure itissss. Suuure itissss!!!

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    Family photo looks perfect. Are you going to load it to the gallery? Would be worth doing it :-)

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    Lololoodint tempt me gentlemen I’ve been known to act the kings fool in more than one occasion and for a lot less at stake!!!
    heres movement on the merry mushroom men!!!Name:  2A2D3069-8BBC-42C0-82EB-ED848260F861.jpeg
Views: 110
Size:  461.6 KBName:  D4E628E3-266D-4222-AE2E-8FFD14841696.jpeg
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Size:  434.3 KBName:  67854018-559C-4892-A08E-2ECCE5A5D8A6.jpeg
Views: 108
Size:  476.7 KBName:  D3B3E089-A393-44CA-9A45-B42EA9033EA7.jpeg
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Size:  440.0 KBName:  616F7256-294A-4AED-9122-4A2A5BD3EC80.jpeg
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Size:  461.8 KBName:  E0AB7588-BDD2-4A25-A610-A30904A0F1D5.jpeg
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Size:  430.4 KB

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    What can I say, they look awesomely great, and You're the bloody master of this style

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    Really nice Fitz mate.... I love the shrooms, now they are cool...

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    Wow thank you Arkaan!!! And CC thanks to you as well. Did not expect that kind of praise. Such a nice thing to see ones progress log. Thank you so very much my friend Arkaan!!!

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    I see you pushing yourself, man. It looks great!
    The dinted & dented hook on Zarbag looks great. Keep those bright mushrooms!
    Love ‘em!

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    Toadie , what can I say bout you. Hmmm a while back you were wondering actually we both were...wheredo we fit in this very large spectrum of fantasy and sci fi miniature art. Well time has passed and I’m pretty sure we both have our answers. Great to have made this journey alongside you and many others of our cyberbuddies. There is plenty more road left . So hang tight as we continue this amazing journey.thank you sincerely !!!

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    Let’s start this morning work session off with a picture log of a groupie of the goblies !!!Name:  1A0D3F79-0207-4FFB-8100-D6C0B09477B3.jpeg
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Size:  1.40 MBahhh now that’s better . That’s a unit. Remember folks. There are quite a number of things judges vote on. Color composition is one of them .so is presentation and creativity etc etc. When you do your own scrutiny be sure if you fall short somewhere to bring your numbers up somewhere else. Eg I’m not the greatest at using gradients nor do I blend as well as those who do nmm(which they pretty much have to to pull off that shiny metallic look) . However I use a ton of textures and large numbers where color composition looks great across the whole.and not just artistically as in compliments etc . I also use complex color schemes where as a whole they look plentiful and non puzzling to the eye when in place. It ends up an aesthetically pleasing looking whole. ALL THESE THING ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT THAN THOSE I PREVIOULSLY MENTIONED. It’s not just great blending. It’s NOT a blending contest. Ide never have any accolades if it was.

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    Looking great so far Bam. I really like how you've done the robes, in that kind of raggedy look. Guess who'll be able to start participating in this big goblin paintathon very! Merry Christmas haha

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    Well sigs I knew you couldn’t hold out. That’s another reason I never rush in terms of paintathons gives many a chance to soak up all the goodness and inspiration and than say hey I’m in. as of the raggedy look ...well it’s me after all I’m certain everyone could’ve bet their homes, their first born and their eyesight on what kind of scheme and idea ide be leaning towards and get their idea right on the first try. It’s BaM and it’s weathered.... this includes weathering if metals, cloth, landscaping etc etc . It’s what I do and not really planning on changing it any time soon.
    so to all merry Christmas. I ask all who are still in this paintalong (a great way to exchange ideas and to grow as painters amongst ourselves as peers , friends and artists), try and update your gobbos at least 1or more times a week.and I shall do the same.
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    but, but...I thought there was only reality has been shattered
    Seriously though, great looking group of Zarbag and his gitz

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