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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Still love those flesh-tones, man! Looks so much more... disturbing than GW ones schemes. Yours look less cartoony and more.... well, fleshy. Great!

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    Thanks Stepan and thanks bananas.
    @steps- yessir matey it’s a combination of all different steps. A bit chaotic but has been my routine for years. So I’ll throw a wash on. Than I’ll start highlighting , then undershade. And I’ll go back and fourth and continue to pick at it until i like it . It’s a back and fourth balancing act iCal it. It’s My routine and works for me . Thanks so much for the praise matey. Appreciated.
    @bsnnanas - yeah I like organic colors for these fleshy monsters I try to get it to resemble all types of sea life tissue along with amphibian life etc etc. It feels amazing when folks say it resembles that. That’s a huuuuge success in my book.
    thanks buddy.

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    Here’s today’s work and how they’re coming along. Name:  51A368FB-6CA9-4A4B-AEF5-8E4CCED2B985.jpeg
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    Oh, you should totally make that fly's mouth super bright pink! With some bright green bile oozing out

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    So I def like where your going with this

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    Great progress! Keep it coming!

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    Oh yeah nice. I usually get confused on when i should wash it. I feel like i over wash things a lot of times. Spent a ton of time getting something looking good to my eyes and then try to touch it off with a shade and just completely obliterate my colors. Started experimenting with inks now and making some good headway with them and figuring out the dilution needed. My washes are army painter and inks are warcolours. They seem to behave similarly but with differing amounts of pigment and flow. Looking great though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    Thanks Stepan and thanks bananas.

    @bsnnanas - yeah I like organic colors for these fleshy monsters I try to get it to resemble all types of sea life tissue along with amphibian life etc etc. It feels amazing when folks say it resembles that. That’s a huuuuge success in my book.
    thanks buddy.
    If you wanna go for the deep-deep sea style, you could almost transition into a see-through style as a lot of deep sea creatures lack pigment due to there being no sunlight. Also check Glass frogs for a reference for non-pgiment skin, it's really cool.

    Edit: Here's a glass frog! :
    But I do really like the fleshy, real-life look you've got going here as per usual, keep it up!
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    Name:  FEA7B869-AC73-42FD-AA0B-CF0B03A9E5B0.jpg
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Size:  1.10 MBGreat tips thanks bananas- hers were I’m stopping g today
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    Beautifully disgusting looking great!!!

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    Starting to look like the best damn unit i ever painted. Name:  3DC854A4-FBFE-4137-ACD3-ED32EFBA3945.jpg
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Size:  1.26 MB Would’ve been going to adeptikon buuuuut finances are tight and really don’t like their new cheap and very fragile and thin crystal brush medals. I mean how is it crystal brush without the crystal brush. El cheapo - I’ll invest time and efforts into Novas open capital palette. Just s much more enjoyable venue . enjoy.
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    Annnnd everybody knows me with my investments -the best model imho ever to be created by GW is this one -can no longer get other than 85-90.00 on eBay-and give it a few years while that mushrooms. Name:  FFE941A0-4966-47DA-A064-478706D55DE1.jpg
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    Fabulous work as always! Your bug crab dude is coming along nicely. I keep telling myself to buy some space marines to paint but i just can’t seem to bring myself to. They have aome really sweet heroes and i’ve been wanting to practice painting on models with large surfaces like the space marines so i can work on highlighting. I struggle on trying to figure out where to put the light glinting effects and what shape to make them to make things look realistic.

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    Thanks muchos steph!!!Go check out the STOP SIGN rule. It is on the site OZ PAINTERS. It will show how to apply highlights properly and shading. It will also show how light behaves on shapes. I swear by it.

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    Sweet! You’re the best! I love finding new tutorials lol. Checking it out pronto

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    Yeah that’s super helpful. Clarified a lot of things that I was unsure of. Thanks!

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    You already know I think your gang is fantastic, but damn BaM, mr tentacle appendage looks super sublime. The way you have painted the tentacles and used varnishes to enhance the sliminess is some of your best work. How you have stippled his skin like a crustacean to blend the arm and his body together is my favourite part of all of the minis. I’m just not feelin Mr. fly arm. Don’t get me wrong, your painting is just as good but I don’t like the look of him. He looks like a bit of a pedo with his hand/arm shoved up the arse of a fluffy fly puppet to attract the kiddies.

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    Lololol jo!!! Only I could get thepriveladge of being so close to you as a friend to wake up and see the arse comment. I laughed quite a bit. And then Janet laughed ,looked at one another ...laughed again. You my dearest no are what we call from the days gone-A KICK IN THE NADS!!! Lololololol
    thank toh always for the praise.

    giys we have a update photo -really alls the same except the flyboy -his big hooked arm is approaching the -MORE ORGANIC PHASE- where I start to have it appear to resemble the others and their chitinous ur fleshy look-complete with cracks, wounds on the arm
    Name:  7374F75E-E998-4740-9F98-147B795D9289.jpeg
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    Here’s better pics in the noontime !!!
    enjoy all my friends and by all means stay tuned!!!Name:  6421D687-F333-4D20-A549-3815F8F758D8.jpeg
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    ahhh and now we can resume !!! Follow me my children stay close we’re getting there.

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