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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Thank you both. For stopping by. your the goods to have a look at my personal diary. I write a lot things on here for my self to remind me of things I’ve done etc. it nice though when others jump on so thanks guys.

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    Default Let’s keep this future entry progressing daily.

    As I put logs in my cmon forum thread (more like a diary to myself) this way I can read it when I want to . So here’s the third one with the group .Name:  D422E81B-69EA-4B55-AE17-4D7BE141B324.jpg
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Size:  818.8 KBenjoy-stayeth tunedeth !!!

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    OK IM TOTALLY EFFIN DISGUSTED WITJ MYSELF- this is why my girl don’t keep candies and chips etc in the house. Every year the neighbors sell candy from their school drive. Me and Janet tempering how all of us in our youth tried hard to pull in as much as we can selling as much as we can to win some stupid 1st place toy from the school etc . So every year Janet buys 10 dollars worth of 5 large nestle crunch candy bars. AND I SHIT YOU NOT WITHOUT TELLIN JANET I SNEAK DOWN AND EAT ALL FIVE BARS ...yeah ...LIKE A GOD DAMNED HOG AT A TROGH!!!!! It takes me no more than a minute as I double up two at a time and eat them like a GOSH DARNED SANDWHICH - I am a disgrace to this race- purge me!!!! I should be lashed or worse have a candy bar 10 feet in front of me as I walk the walk of shame trying to grab it never getting close !!!!
    im disgusting - DO NOT LOOK UPON MEEE!!!!!!
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    Man these are looking great. Thanks for posting so much it’s really nice to see your progress step by step. And don’t be so hard on yourself about the candy bars. Just go on a big ass run, burn off the calories, and buy Janet a nice gift. In the future have her hide the bars. That’s what I do for my wife, because any candy, sweets, or salt n vinegar chips disappear in the same manner here by way of her. The only thing I can keep here not hidden without fear of her devouring it is black licorice! Which is my favorite so it works out lol

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    Lolol thanks slicks !!!! I dub the slicks !!! Your very welcome mate. Yourdabest !!!

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    I like the one with no arms and the curly-q horns!

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    Oh, and you should put some vanilla ice cream between those two crunch bars! (and then publicly flogged)

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    Mid morning progression Name:  D2F2D9A9-9A7F-4325-AD8D-AC1C5761A2B2.jpeg
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Size:  1.28 MBstarting the diary entry -Captns log.

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    These guys are looking fantastic BaM!
    I agree with Sik: we all fall down every now and then. Just gotta brush off and keep going
    Luckily every one here can help with the brushing *cough*

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    Thanks so much gorbs- you all we goldem Name:  E10B183A-84AF-4316-BF79-554EADD5DF8A.jpeg
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    Lol thanks so muchos MaMs!!!

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    So a few thingsfirst up movement today on the unitName:  E74CB582-9D5F-4BFA-A707-8BF48A7AA6B8.jpeg
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Size:  1.28 MBName:  F51981AD-81F8-4FB5-8DED-687D20BB42C3.jpeg
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    now I’ve finally found an easy yet attractive way to paint a soar marine for kill teams etc where because it’s nothing really detailed and lengthy I don’t have to worry about playing with them and feeling guilty .Name:  0A109503-546E-499A-95E1-220D50C31002.jpeg
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Size:  1.71 MBName:  63E7EC3D-4513-43A1-B567-2E0881CA8893.jpeg
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Size:  1.77 MBName:  9DCAD36B-6F22-4EBD-91C1-AA9D37BF3B40.jpeg
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Size:  1.54 MBName:  F1655CE9-1208-4D9A-8521-85871368BF0D.jpeg
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    That SM still freaks me out, it's the hair looks so badly sculpted (great paint though)!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekipage View Post
    That SM still freaks me out, it's the hair looks so badly sculpted (great paint though)!
    i know right, like he is wearing a toupee or a bad wig

    BaM, your painting on the other hand is top notch. I love that (a) you feel guilty when something isn't painted "properly", even when you only play games with it, and (b) your "table-top" level is higher than my "quality" level!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gorb View Post
    ...your "table-top" level is higher than my "quality" level!
    /signed. Same for me.

    Btw: What is uncle BaM showing on AoP 2019 to deserve the gold medal?

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    Thanks gents - Graish -that’s a secret Lolol truth is haven’t decided and Janet went to Penn con -an IPMS show- we pay dues to belong to this 30.00 a year- me and jannie both took home merits- Janet won 3 awards!!!way to go babes-
    i myself took home the lot-12 gold medals, 2 silver,2 beat of category winners and also my very first BEAT IN SHOW - and earned what I called - THE MR DANIELE LARUSO -all valley Miyagi do karate trophy -cause looked like that kind of trophy lol.
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    Congrats to both of you!!!
    Seems like you need to install an own Trophy room at home for all of these awards :-)

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    Congratulations. I almost went up to that show yesterday, maybe next year since it has been a long time since I have been to the Gettysburg area

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    Good job, buddy. Maybe you’ll have a few more of us with you next year!

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