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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Your all more than welcome. Looking forward to it.

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    Here’s today’s work -slow but steady wins races unless the horse breaks a leg than he’s really not winning anything ya know!!!:-/
    Name:  1022C28D-EC76-485F-BA34-6BC81A5A631C.jpeg
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    Still working on the arms and bandages- looong boooring process.

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    there coming on grand BAM. keep at it .
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    Super cool BaM, watching you work is like watching an image in a camera slowly come into focus, as if all that detail is actually already there, but it takes you the photographer to show it to us

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    Thanks guys so much and Gorby that is by far the best description someone has ever given me about my painting process!!! Love ya mate!!!

    heres today in the books
    Name:  81AF5D47-647F-435F-BB46-D99B9968FF07.jpg
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    Here’s what the group looks like at this point in the natural daylight. Now everybody can see what I’m seeing thanks always for your words of encouragement Name:  E9450F7C-7EA6-4565-B96D-DB00ACBAD0C9.jpeg
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    Just what I like to see...the buff bod barbarian branch from the local Mardi Gras. The definition you have painted into the musculature of the guy on the end holding his axe above his head is brilliant. I’m not sure if it’s just from being on the edge of field when the pic was taken or you have painted it that way but the skin looks a little pinker and softer than the others. I’m a little more partial to it.

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    Lololol jo you kill me- it’s all good my dear joe- I think a lot of this has to do with his pose and how he catches the light of my kitchen. They should even out a bit more when jan gets done with picture time- but honestly everybody has a favourite - Janet like the two handed sword dude on the far left and me I like the dude who’s like the hulk. It’s always a plus when everybody likes the diff ones because I try to keep them unlike each other which is hard to do when use my typical flesh recipe -I do try an vary the diff reds /blues so it gives each their own look.Name:  3B1F1760-195D-4533-ACFA-C6769DBD6D10.jpeg
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    Quote Originally Posted by bullfrog View Post
    I’m not sure if it’s just from being on the edge of field when the pic was taken or you have painted it that way but the skin looks a little pinker and softer than the others. I’m a little more partial to it.
    It's because he is the sensitive one out of the bunch These are looking sweet though!

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    Thanks mama and thanks Equis!!!

    Ill close today out with my formulae for my future ultramarines will benefit from- quick and awesome paintuo Name:  081F6E1B-15D8-4B5B-8493-9904FAE5136B.jpeg
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    Pictures tonight by Janet - and I’ll be upload my third grot tank for golden demon. Stay tuned my stalwart band.

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    Here you go folks the one group photos side by side and not even dented these guys yet... I’m at an appropriate pace and feel good about wherein st currently so enjoy.Name:  D851F8D1-48B6-4531-8A69-59D4BF5E4446.jpeg
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    Yes the skin looks slightly more uniform now. The other three look as good as my favourite little muscle strapped friend. I’m sure he really is sensitive. They either get in lots of fights or aren’t very good barbarians with all the cuts and scars. I’m going to the gym before I call the second one holding the spear Chromedome and make his lil barbarian chin quiver and he cries.
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    There coming on grand. Keep at it
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    Name:  72037EEB-5A4E-4516-98D5-C3449E065595.jpeg
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Size:  1.12 MBName:  F0DDB773-6861-45E0-BD67-40A5449291DD.jpeg
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Size:  1.41 MBThese are several Picts of the working from today the under the skirt and paintings of the legs and the hands etc etc .stay tuned I guarantee the bases in mind will suit them just perfectly .

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    At it since 9:00am so 8 hour day again. These actually are slow days for meName:  59B7BE92-8CA6-4D1D-8CAB-26EA9E2F7051.jpeg
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Size:  1,009.4 KBName:  1C9E035A-F10C-4E7F-A249-D973CC275FED.jpeg
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Size:  1.22 MBName:  CFCD8188-D221-47FE-9C3C-98194F6749BF.jpeg
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Size:  1.79 MB-tips- just take your time and I listen to some podcasts and lil by lil layer by layer-

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    Bert early morning painting session-
    Name:  C2464EBD-5D32-40B3-BB42-96E65C52FFE4.jpeg
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    And now for the UNTAMED:
    Name:  E0F62F51-62AE-41D2-8835-54D0D05EC027.jpeg
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    Morning progress report

    Name:  67E449EA-1557-49D4-BDF5-39EB1224F65E.jpeg
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    Mans also the untamed
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