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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Thank you all so much guys . Your all golden grahams- stay golden pony boy .

    Guys I’ll be judging 2 major events these next two months 1) the ever growing jersey devil. I’m super excited and theN ANOTHER IF THE MFCA BIG FIVE -THE LONG ISLAND MINIATURES COLLECTORS SHOW “ this will indeed and no doubt enter into the MFCA SHOW. That’s the newest Achievmemts in my ever growing career and portfolio !!!! Guys I did it -on my way up in the big leagues !!!!!
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    The minis look stunning bud!! Phenomenal as always, it’s amazing how you can paint something so gritty yet so refined.

    and congrats on your post as judge at the major events! I actually saw Janet’s post about Jersey Devil and wanted to bring a couple entries, but my 2nd little one is due in that time frame so it’s a no go. Maybe next year! And in my opinion you’re already Mr big leagues!

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    Default Update all weapons done moving onto the these

    Guys wrappings of the weapon handles .here are the newest update of -“the cracked bone tribe-untamed beasts”!!

    Name:  AB5F4301-FB49-4F09-B8DF-F944761A6753.jpeg
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Size:  759.8 KBName:  17176CFD-F63B-43D1-B22D-5426A5052CEF.jpeg
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Size:  1.00 MBI dint care how much I salivate over the newest models -I will stay focuse and finishe these as if they were my favorite models of all time that includes scenic bases etc. so strap in much more to do it might end up a 4-6 month project overall.

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    Mr Will I am just taken back by your post and the praise contained my friend are a worth your eight in gold diamond encrusted bricks str8 outta Fort Knox, thank you so much .

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    the gang is looking aces! Have fun at Jersey Devil and judging. Hmm, may have to try to swing up for that if the weather isn't too bad but wouldn't look forward to a five hour drive in snow/ice

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    cool stuff, there looking great. keep at it.
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    Your the best Willy you nutcase !!! Lolol

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    Cracking team mate, the warm pallet of skin and reds work brilliantly
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    I love those little dweeby guys! Looking great, BaM!

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