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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Cmon Eks that bamlish (half English half whatever comes out loool )

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    Cmon Eks that bamlish (half English half whatever comes out loool )
    Sorry, I speak a little Spanish and some French, but your Bamlish still eludes my grasp
    The barbarians are looking really sweet though, you taking these to Adepticon?

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    The second shot of the barbarians looks the best to me. Perfect white balance and has everything in focus. But don’t listen to me. I know not what I am talking about. As for that barbarian-ess....reminds me of an old Aussie song....The Nips Are Getting Bigger.

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    Looololol -I love waking up to my thread -I get a kick in the pants right off the bat!!!
    Eki thanks my friend- I hoping to get them done if not I’ll bring the blue chippers
    and MY DEAR FRIEND JO- loll nips getting bigger in familiar with that which makes it even funnier- and your the fifth one to vote yay for that 2nd pic so second pictures setting will be what we Stay with when setting up the settings on the new piece of hardware .

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    Mr rowwwsdower -thank you sincerely for all the praise you give. It’s so nice hearing things from the newer folks as well as the veterans.
    now firstly I get the subtle shading on my models the same as most of us achieve controlled shading or highlighting etc. it’s done with very thinned out paint or GW washes . And it’s done with a light pressure of the hand and applied this way over and over and over until it starts to build up its intensity . IDE day for me the biggest trick is having the right size of a brush and have enough of the medium (not to much not to little ) on the brush after I “unload” it on a napkin- I simply find the right surface tension b/n the what’s in the brush and the surface of where it’s being applied. So just keep working at it . The more the better you become. You’ll have that (A-HA) moment soon enough.

    now Janet’s new camera I’ll let you all decide -it has many setting that I love already- the manual(cooler) the dayligt(Warmer) and the image of the three blown up at my table was taken with

    ill personally say -GO AHEAD zoom in on the models. Especially see all those lovely cracked and chipped to
    tamahawks.GO RIGHT AHEAD I INSIST !!! Lol
    her camera (just passing by) no light box, no tripod . This is a game changer. Attachment 77280Attachment 77281Attachment 77282Attachment 77283
    Thanks for taking the time to write out those tips, BloodAsMedium! This site's been so welcoming when it comes to newcomers - it's awesome.

    And speaking of awesome, that camera is fantastic! Holy cow. Especially the fact that those pictures were taken without a light box. Man.

    WIP Thread

    "I wonder if there's beer on the sun."

    - Zap Rowsdower

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    Default Progress

    Have some personal things been dealing with but still trying to finish a potential entry for golden demon
    -I have decided to add the marak blood sky ,as a queen of the untamed, to the group .
    many more days and nights ahead but she will be the last of the unit.Name:  59007D64-88B5-40C7-A698-131CDC7D08BD.jpeg
Views: 282
Size:  1.21 MBName:  EC4BF752-4DDD-470F-95D6-2C1C3A80B652.jpeg
Views: 283
Size:  1.01 MBName:  0D71502C-5F9E-4C9C-9C36-D34702939034.jpeg
Views: 278
Size:  947.2 KB

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    It looks very great. Adding a barbarian female will bring a nice touch in this world full of testosterone. I love it !

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    really great start on her and the Barbarian Queen is a great addition to the warband
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    Name:  13696C59-5213-4D31-B7C1-C0110F789116.jpeg
Views: 250
Size:  455.8 KBName:  63CEDA4A-486B-4D39-876B-0908DC8ABFA2.jpeg
Views: 251
Size:  1.56 MBName:  E6BC7A5A-68E6-436B-8F75-2569EDFC129F.jpeg
Views: 254
Size:  1.56 MBName:  AA7BA0FE-17CB-4C70-BC01-97158D4F90CF.jpeg
Views: 251
Size:  1.20 MBWorking dilugently while dealing with some issues regarding. My older brother who needs all the prayers s good vibes. On another not these may very well be accompanying me to golden demon after all- I just have to keep pace- bases are ordered and I’ve alai posted up soon in the gallery my squad- grot ambition my 3 grot convoy of looted tanks. Enjoy.

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    Ahh man that sucks, I really do hope your Brother gets well soon and sending prayers for a speedy recovery!

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    Sorry to hear BaM, hope your brother gets well soon!
    That Queen barbarian is going to rock!

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    THanks guys :

    here’s a post of my grot tanks- golden demon entry squad:

    Name:  EB90C6F0-A4ED-4F5B-A7DF-8BF59795E71D.jpeg
Views: 245
Size:  837.1 KB
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    Your grot tanks are insane. Textures, freehand painting, colors, bases... Everything !
    Hopefully your brother gets better, it's never easy when it comes to relatives. Bon courage.

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    Long time no comment (20+ pages worth!!). These barbarians are a work of art. Great progress BAM. I got a room for Adepticon, so can't wait to see these in person.

    And best wishes to your brother.


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    Ehhh thanks mate mikie glad to see you mate- of course adeptikon bound-

    anybody and every body I need assistance on the grot ambition
    for P&P

    and for cmon


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    Bravo sir
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Voted and comment left for the tanks! Super job!

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    A lot on the table ATM I’m doing my 9 bases for the untamed and prepping work for my classes I volunteer . Along with my weathered armor tutorial for toadchapel(a great place where the small gods dwell!!!)
    heres a look at the 6/9 so far much more work to be done.Name:  B0598868-B957-4783-A1C1-5BD71F581676.jpeg
Views: 123
Size:  783.6 KBName:  E40C6B01-7F79-468C-A121-4A6299CD406D.jpeg
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Size:  980.4 KBName:  62A978F1-419D-412B-A713-1379DB7BEE78.jpeg
Views: 122
Size:  937.1 KBName:  EFE17EED-1DEC-4419-AD0F-294877F04C9A.jpeg
Views: 122
Size:  1.01 MB

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    bases are looking really nice! What are you using for the moss effect?

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    These look amazing BaM! I love the transition from the darkest moss at the bottom through to the lighter stone on top.

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