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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    As always some really nice work happening in this thread.... always a pleasure to see what your working on.

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    King of slime. Master of pox. Nuff said.

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    Those Nurgle Knights are awesome, your conversions look very natural and fit the job perfectly... as for the painting it is definitely very Nurgle and definitely very BAM!

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    Those knights are the business BaM, they look fantastic, and the bases are amazing too. Nice work!

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    voting for “Rnehegade Nurgle Knights” will be up in the gallery tonight -pending ATM .

    Name:  816ABFC4-3A47-42F2-95CB-501C5B4DFD5D.jpeg
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    They look incredible Bam, will be voting asap.

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    Fantastic work! As always. THis remind me the EPIC game. So much fun playing it.
    I would have piss my pant if I would have had to fight against an army of those.

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    get your hands warmed up and hit this link above!!!!

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    Voted + Comment left. Again a terrific piece uncle BaM!

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    Really nice work on the knights BAM!

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    Get your votes and comments in guys and gals we need to hit 50 votes!!!!

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    Scrolled through some pages of your latest work. Nice grim look the figures.

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Thanks so muchos Kretcher!!!

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    12 days w/o any post on your WIP? Uncle BaM what's up?

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    Lololol I was asked to do a million things- judge an event , get pics in order for a 10day challenge (pics that weren’t blurry) :// I was asked to do (are you ready ) AN INTERVIEW FOR FIGURE MENTORS BY JAY MARTIN HIMSELF. So there’s that a few other projects for some other folks. And this which I wanted to get a bit further on but here goes
    Name:  5E65E6A7-F2F0-4C0F-9105-6BC49741CC1B.jpeg
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Size:  713.9 KB But I’m back and will be checking you loyal bunch in at least once a day!!!!

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    Thanks Eks!!!!

    heres a bit further Name:  BF27AD9C-4B25-4070-9011-A1BF1AF0A272.jpeg
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Size:  483.5 KBName:  7DCDE1F2-771B-4594-961F-E298BCE250B2.jpeg
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    Looks like very good work BAM but do you have smaller pics? These are a bit large and blurry but I can tell its good.

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    I’m seeing if the meds can get some proper pics . I’m in need if a dark background which we seem to have misplaced atm. But I’m the next coming days.

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