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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    You are really perfecting those skin tones BaM. The arm holding the binoculars is perfect. The blue armour has your style stamped all over it.

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    Voted and commented on the Chaos squad, mate. Good to see you haven't slowed down your mini painting at all. The newest guy is just awesome. He really tells a cool story thanks to your awesome display base!

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    Name:  8405E619-1452-4A50-8211-A01B496ED957.jpeg
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Size:  1.28 MBName:  1F6CCBF7-15C5-4B94-A0F1-F6C17B7A9A57.jpeg
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Size:  1.56 MBHere is a video of my lieutenant from Indomiutus . I’ll be painting these one at a time until I have enough for a 5 man unit. This is diff from how I paint my units in general. I Yasuaki do each section together for symmetry and consistancy.this time I’ll paint each model to its complete stss as he before miving onto the next . Focusing on each as if it were a single project.
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    Wow! Really great job on this....but you really need to do something with those arms...they totally don't match the theme

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    I'm so sick of all thoses pristine ultramarine marines that swarm on the internet.

    THAT is a true space marine that have definitively fight some battles. A true warrior of the grimdark 41 milenar.

    Outstanding work.

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    Up in the gallery now presenting catachan colonel

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    That Ultramarine has a really cool shade of blue on him. I look forward to seeing more progress on him. I'm working on a space marine myself so I may be taking a bit of inspiration from you Voted and commented on the Catachan. Really top-notch job on that bloke!

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    Nice work, he looks like he's been on a very long detachment indeed!

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    Excellent used look!!!

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    Just passing by to say hello, I hope you and your wife would be perfectly safe (regarding Covid). Came in just to check some of my favourite CMON WIP posts, I love that you still have your bloody grimmy style, but I think I sense an improvement in precision/freehands on your work.
    Glad to read you guys!
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