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Thread: Showing my newest works before I get into things!

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    Loving good John. I can almost smell them they’re so putrid

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    These look awesome BaM, they look like they have an extra 1/4 inch of crust rust all around with leaking pus and ooze. Great!

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    You really mastered the rust effect.

    Long live the rusty squadron!

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    You should switch name to RustAsMedium!!

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    Hey bro! You made Volomir's list this week!! Congrats!!

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    Working on a few things ATM

    heres a quick shot of my 6 man deathguard- Name:  52948DC6-617B-4121-92F7-E95D66570FEC.jpeg
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Size:  424.8 KBName:  66380C9B-0C3C-42E6-8CB7-FAC3A9C3F170.jpeg
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Size:  359.1 KBName:  DE9DA16C-DB20-486E-B253-F2DD7CA3C2D8.jpeg
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Size:  362.2 KBName:  76D2F5F5-70F5-4EF0-BF9B-94DD0A18A506.jpeg
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Size:  600.1 KBName:  34C2AD01-BFAA-47E2-9C07-FBF00CABE8A2.jpeg
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Size:  418.5 KBName:  7F1A663A-30EC-47E0-9141-CA37FB466D73.jpeg
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Size:  460.1 KBName:  C048405F-874B-464B-B812-D67122D72598.jpeg
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    Disgusting!!! in a good way of course!!!

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    sweet looking work on those tiny backpacks!

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    Man this is epic. The texturing is out of this world!
    And congrats on getting on Volomir's list, well deserved!

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    Thanks so much guys !!!!!

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    Almost done - there is an online Facebook comp called -BUSH BEAST - these guys are my entry for it-
    Name:  331762B2-9473-4C1D-801A-348F3E9505A6.jpeg
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Size:  282.4 KBName:  A7FB177A-79B4-4A68-844F-80922FA62A9F.jpeg
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Size:  297.2 KBName:  BAFB06FE-0E70-4A96-83CE-ED73FDB8FA12.jpeg
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Size:  284.9 KBName:  AE47004A-C007-418D-BFD9-077DD14CBCA9.jpeg
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    So rotten and rusted. Nice! And good luck for the contest.

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    Very rarely I take it upon myself to do a palette cleanser- I do love competing and doing so in the unit category . I basically paint for 1000ds of hours through the year . thought ide take a break from that and do a unit based strictly for gaming- so mordheim is what mr and a few friends wanted to get a campaign going. So I started with two models and will go until cursed city comes out. And then resume but I love the idea of painting more for relaxation then for competition (I love so much) . Name:  1A8B0435-8DCB-48A3-B7DB-C7854706B1D8.jpeg
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Size:  1.28 MBName:  E8250B9F-7F7F-4368-95C1-CC699989EDA7.jpeg
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Size:  1.24 MB

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    Nice John! They look like they been fighting all night!!

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    Yeah, they look great! Ready to get down to business in the dread city

    Good luck with the comp, let us know how you go!

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    They maybe for the tabletop but they still look bloody amazing

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    Thanks to all mi amigos !!!!Name:  9715DCAC-1736-4905-90EC-A893E20A55E7.jpeg
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Size:  267.3 KBName:  9E6E3D0B-0267-46B9-8207-1B8A54A580CF.jpeg
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Size:  1.07 MBName:  547EF50B-8660-4393-B0C3-5536780AF377.jpeg
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Size:  300.1 KB

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    Those Nurgle guys are amazing, I'm sure when in-person shows happen again they'll get you another Best in Weathering at NOVA.

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    It is amazing how you unify the colors using red ... blood red. Guess it's in the name, heh?

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    Thanks so much guys- GORBY always a pleasure .
    FLUISTERWOULD (fluid art) it’s so awesome to have you roam these parts again.

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