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    Lightbulb WIP Toy Jeep Conversion

    Hey guys!

    No posts for a while... been very busy with conventions.

    Hey, ever since the RW KS started, I've wanted an awesome Jeep. Then, Ted goes and shares this drawing, which makes me want some support vehicles even more.

    Name:  allied_armored_car.jpg
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    Mine isn't nearly this cool as Ted's, but I've finally started my own toy Jeep conversion:

    Name:  rivet_wars_jeep_6.jpg
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    I figure that it could make a cool objective marker, or perhaps a vehicle to move across the battle field quickly.

    Here's a comparison with an unmodified toy on the left:

    Name:  rivet_wars_jeep_1.jpg
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    The toy is a Battle Force Play Set.

    It's certainly not perfect (a tad large, not very detailed, not super-deformed), but I think it'll look good on the battle field.

    Name:  rivet_wars_jeep_5.jpg
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    I had some fuel tanks that I threw on the back.

    - - -

    More photos and info on my blog.

    - - -

    I'll post some photos here later when I get to painting it. (After San Diego Comic-Con!)

    RW Model Wants:
    - A blank base (For stuff like this.)
    - A dead Rivet figures. (For dioramas, terrain.)
    - Support vehicles, like a flatbed truck
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    Quote Originally Posted by steamcrow View Post
    I figure that it could make a cool objective marker, or perhaps a vehicle to move across the battle field quickly.
    Why not Both? A moving Strategic Objective - mission ideas a-plently!

    Great work Streamcrow; I primed photo looks well smart!

    I do wish that truck made it into the KS; maybe there's room for a four faction transport add on, which would also include the Ottoman transport Ted shared a few weeks back.
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    A moving Strategic Objective is a great idea and might be the key to the Scenario we've been working on. We were trying to do a capture and return the flag type of mission but if we made the "flag" a vehicle it might work better. Hmmm... Either way the jeep looks really cool.

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    Here's an update on the Jeep - paint!

    Name:  rivet_wars_jeep_8.jpg
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    Name:  rivet_wars_jeep_9.jpg
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    Name:  rivet_wars_jeep_11.jpg
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    Name:  rivet_wars_jeep_12.jpg
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    (Seeing the photos, there's more to cleanup, but what the heck... is anything really finished?)

    Realized that I could also just make a socket for the Plug heroes, which would be cool too. (Maybe next time.)
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    Wow, that's some progress!

    The allied soldier blends in perfectly with the surroundings; he's definitely been there the whole time.

    I guess there's a little room in the back for a plug socket. Great colours too - muddy and rusty all at the same time.

    Great photo as well, I love the sneaky panzerfaust waiting to surprize the convoy!

    Thanks for sharing
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    That turned out really good. Shame you can only fit the one guy. That will make for great photoshoots with all the blitzkrieg sets.
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    Wow, that looks so good. The photos and the way you set them up really sell it. I bet the entire blight front had nightmares about the allied jeep of death!

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