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    Lightbulb World´s Champions Kickstarter: 28mm Fantasy Characters (coming soon)

    Hello Folks, i wanted to share/announce , that me, Menhir Games (yet a miniatures wannabe manufacturer) will launch nearly soon ( hope to be in begginng august) a KS campaign i have being working on to raise funds to finance the very first pack of 4 miniatures in 28mm NON heroic scale of Heroes/Champions/Characters from different races featuring cultures/nations/empires of the history and regions of our world in the medieval ages (from 7-8th to 12 th century mainly) looking with this, making more than just the common very-well- known races-aesthethic concepcion/associations, but offering as well new "original" face freshed concepts... the campaign also will have 8 more heroes as streatch goals, that will be available to choose or to add to the pledges as add ons.

    The entire line , that will be produced with the time, will have a total of 22 diferent heroes divided in humanoid and anthropomorphic races (the mithological counter part of each humanoid faction), with desings from the Eskimos orcs, to the persian/middle east-like Elfs, Arabic/muslim dwarfs, Medieval india human, afrikaan humans, celtic fauns, middle east Naga etc etc.

    Note: All heroes and factions (for each hero there is one faction) are part of the Menhir Games 2 faced fantasy world (under development) called "Magrieb" one side, and "Mashkriek" in the other side.

    There is going to be 1 humanoid (human, elf, dwarf and orc) champion and 1 anthropomorphic (mithologycal counterpart) heroe for each region of the historical world..

    Regarding to the main goal miniatures and the first 2 streatch goals, the renders are the next:

    #1: Akkiry faction Elf Captain / Capitán Elfo de la facción Akkiry

    #2: Northälfar faction Dwarf Captain / Capitan Enano de la facción Northälfar

    #3: Uyghur faction Orc Chieftain / Jefe Orco de la faccion Uyghur

    #4: Itzám faction Lizardman Champion / Campeón Lagarto de la facción Itzám

    #5: Ravana faction Rakshasa Champion / Campeón Rakshasa de la faccón Ravana


    #6: Erythrian faction Elf champion / Campeón Elfo de la facción Erythria

    Also with the main goal, each figure will come with 1 square and 1 round 25mm bases with a design that allows writting the name of the heroe, for this minis or any other character you want to base and exalt.

    The streatch goals miniatures "add ons stretch goals" , will come in pair.. that means that there are going to be 3 miniatures stretch goals unlocking 2 heroes/champions each one (plus 2 +2 bases ).

    They are:

    #7: Ëkal-KÏ faction Human champion.


    #8: Sullkani faction Elf champion.


    #9: Hassim faction Dwarf champion


    10#: Sileno faction Faun champion


    #11: Uralia faction Human champion.


    #12: Varuna faction Naga champion.

    THe sketches are not to impress, but to give an exact grapchis "explanation" of how the miniature will look, however, it does not show AT ALL, the pose that the miniature ill have.

    THere will be in between these "add ons streach goals" other "gift stretch goals", and facebook likes bonuses. in both FB bonuses and gift stretch goas, are included 1 free miniature, that is, 1 free ramdon miniature by reaching XXX likes on fb, and 1 secret :O free minaiture for all backers.

    Pledges will be for 1, 4, 8 and 12 miniatures pack, pluss a pledge to get only bases, and a pledge to get 24 miniatures and a big shinny plated brass hero in double size, to use it like really nice decoration, trophy for games, present, or whateva you might want it for .

    The miniatures are going to be pewter cast, the prints will be send to and, the 4, 8, 12 and "the golden trophy" pledges will have free shipping, while the others will have $5 cost.

    The campaign goal to finance the first 4 miniatures, will be set at 4000 USD, and each streatch goal for miniatures will be at 5000, 6000, 8000, 10000 and 12000.. being in the gaps (7k, 9 k and 11k) other streatch goals as "gifts" ( 2 are 1 free random miniature from the main goal and streatch goal unlocked ones) and the other is + 2 bases per each miniature pledged (1 round, 1 square)..

    that would be: if you get the 4 miniatures pack, you will receibe 4 round and 4 square EXTRA bases, aside the bases that already comes with the pledged miniatures.

    Any questions, suggestions?

    PS: you can already like (the first bonus is by reaching 200 likes ) and share the Menhir Games FB page

    You will find plenty of other 3D renders ready to print, for future proyects (15mm and 20mm) and games if "all goes well"

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    hi i wanted to share some 3d prints i had printed for my 15mm historical miniatures:

    these are some of the modelds:

    the paseant with the hammer

    the 2nd crossbow from the right:

    And well, 2 of all this spearmen.... (with separated lances and shield of course)

    hope you like them, and as you can see, the 3D quality is very good translated to 3d print

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    Hello i have the first 3d prints, the Akkiri elf and the bases, hope you like them

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    The campaign is live!

    link to KS:

    and to kicktraq:

    Thanks for your cooperation with this

    ANy doubts ask them, i will answer verything as soon as i can. Salutes!

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