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Thread: Daniel San's WIP and experiments with techniques.

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    Hey I remember this big ugly!!!!! And I totally mean that in the most awesome way! How ya doing Stew? And Zab! Great to see you again!

    DanielSan, so sorry, it's quite rude of me to hijack your thread here but just had to pop in and say high to Stew when I saw this critter! He did the same thing to help me with my NMM!

    You're doing great with the blues too!
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    Thats ok kath thank you i do like the blue. My blending practising is getting better so think im going to ditch the edge hilights on the curved surfaces like boot tips knees and shoulders. In favor for glazing up to lighter blue. More later.

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    Some updates at last. Been a hectic few weeks, daughter turning one and all.

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    From left to right. My material for basing, 1.5mm cork sheet which was very easy to work with. Then the painting process.Pinned to the base because i felt like it. Still lots to do

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    He's looking really good Dan.

    Nice job on the base. As an option to improve it. Maybe some dirt coloured pigments spotted lightly around to add some interest and realism to the grey of the asphalt and the white of the line markings (nice job on them BTW). If you don't have any of those Some well watered (10:1 water top paint) browns and reddish/orangeish browns randomly dotted about will give a similar effect.

    Really nice job on the NMM too. Maybe just boost your brightest spots just a little more.

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    Thanks man Ill try that. Maybe some agrax earthshade its all i really have.

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    Back with updates after a long Christmas and new year with some stuff going on but anyway that's not important. What's important is how is everyone doing? And I've got updated pics! Here's my original guy with his base removes because his sergeants borrowing it. He needs one more shoulder trim done and that's about it. And below is his CO with a completely different blue. He represents a leap in my skills at least I think so anyway. There's some ok blending going on and sort of a metallic look achieved to his blue armour. Some decent ish freehands too. Tell me what you think guys I'm loving my hobby.
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    he's very possessive of my bread and pennies.
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    Photos are massive and unforgiving on the painting showing a few places where the paint has overrun etc.

    Keep the edge highlights REAL sharp & tight (always very important for space marines)

    Good work so far
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Im back. Been a while not really done much painting but i hope my skills have improved slightly, had 2 more kids so life is very busy. So heres this guy. Sgt Sevastus, I promise next mini will be not a marine perhaps someone can reccomend something. I really want to paint a wizard. Or an eldar farseer. Something mystic. So I primed him grey, slapped some base colours on and then went to town on the nmm on his chest eagle. And then started working on trying to give him some reflective blue armour. Im particularly happy with how pic two of his leg looks especially near his heel. Anyway guys its great to be back Hope everyone is well.

    Locky. Out.

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    Very promising! With anticipation I watch!!!

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    The shiny metal effect is definitely working on the leg! The eagle NMM was harder to appreciate because of the yellow braid on top of it. I salute your ambition!!!

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    Thank you Bam and Bob. Kind words. Bob I feel i'm getting the hang of reflective blue just need to smooth things out more. The nmm on the chest eagle i'm going to re-do (again). Its hard to get it to shine its such a small surface area. I might wait until my 00 brush comes, everything's with a round #1 thus far. Anyway here's the next pics of his right shoulder trim which i switched from a balor brown base to pure black and then hit it with my recipe Iv'e been tweaking to get to be a shiny yellow gold. Mostly been using my wedding ring as a reference lol ( So far the Mrs hasn't asked why I have been thoughtfully staring at it all the time lol.) And a pic of my wet palette gold colours. Black, Black/Balor, Balor, Averland sunset, Averland with flash gits 50/50, the same with some white, and pure white.

    Name:  nmmshoulder.jpg
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    Hopefully the bling will all tie together when the mini is finished. I'm in the A** phase of it right now.
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    Some more work done. This time on his backpack. 80% happy with that part now, some smoothing out to do and adjusting. The four exhaust vents will be nmm steel soon, but can anyone help me with whatever that is in the middle of his backpack? ( the zig-zag pattern I based in zandri dust) Is it some kind of parchment or seal or cloth? Iv'e never seen one on a marines backpack before so I'm unsure how to paint it and have it gel with the blue and what texture it should appear to have? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    Yeah it looks like some kind of parchment or banner. I think they want you to write on it or do whatever else it is that marines put on their mini back banners. You could just draw squiggly lines making it look like writing but this also is tricky as it’s longer than unity seals you’ll see that on.

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    I have never seen anything like that on the back of any space marine, so I guess you have free rein to interpret it as you wish. Looking great so far!

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    Uhh another shiny blue armor. Looks good. The gold NMM looks great. For me it's really hard to make that blue shiny effect pop. The leg looks really good. The curvy scroll thing on the back looks like a decorative ornament to me. Would probably work well with gold or silver NMM- Wouldn't go for cloth since it doesn't look like a purity/unity seal to me that is somehow attached there. At least to me xD

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    Great job on the SM. I have seen some with a design on the pack, but I don't recall one with just a squiggly line like that

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    I really appreciate the replies Bam, cyanide ekipage and the good Dr. I did think cloth to begin with but I think it might look out of place so I'm going to go with your idea cyanide and try something nmm. Maybe silver. Should get the pauldrons highlights done later too.


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    Hi, Back again for good this time. I think ive improved. May actually finish a miniature and move onto something else. This guys nearly finished he just needs basing, and his sword finished and some cleanup of edge highlights. Things I'm happy with....the blues...the red cape is the best blending I have ever done, i love what iv have achieved with the weathered leather gun holster and I'm fairly happy with my first power sword, semi proud of the freehands. Not happy with the inner cloak. It was supposed to be cream but I didn't know how to highlight it so it got a sepia wash...need tips fixing this. I'll definetely be doing some Nmm with my amateur blending skills on the next mini. In the meantime frosty ice base incoming for this Capitan....*Edit oh also i've learned how to photograph minis better, lots of fun.*

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    Anyway just watched the PMs address...so its time to paint.
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    All played!!!

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