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Thread: Daniel San's WIP and experiments with techniques.

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    Name:  newsword.jpeg
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    Finished the other side of the sword took about an hour. Unsure whether to do the crackling energy streaks I think it looks better without. Edit, also toned up the blue with more enchanted/caledor for more contrast with the shaded areas. I dont know if I can push the contrast more on the sword?
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    So much improvements over the years. Nice space marines!

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    Thank you Gorb that's encouraging! Just finishing touches and waiting for basing material to arrive.

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    More photos. Getting tired of this guy now and want to paint my next mini. Plus I dropped him and totalled his iron halo. Tried to tighten up the writing on the parchment on his gun. Think it's nearly there just gotta re do that T in the middle.

    Oh and that green scanner box on his arm I worked on. Tried to do like a seismograph effect if that's the right word?

    Obviously this is close up so be kind Sorry for the poor lighting in the sword pic my lamp on other phone died right at the wrong time.

    Name:  DSC_0186-01.jpeg
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    *Edit removed sword pic as have made a school boy error on the paintjob and will be back with it soon.*
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    wow that sword is on point! super nice work!


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    Some update, worked on his Armour a lot today as I'm still waiting for the stuff to craft his ice base, but these are hard times and deliveries are understandably slow. Going all the way down from imperial blue to electric blue, will tighten up those edge highlights more so, and this picture also shows a better look at his sword finished imo. And My next two projects are to be worked on simultaneously because I felt myself getting bored working on just one mini.

    Name:  newblue.jpeg
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    So we have a Primaris Lieutenant who Is going to be a Black Templar which will really push my skills to the limit because I have not done black power armour before, and I feel confident enough to include NMM gold for his trims. He will also sit atop a Marble effect base which I will attempt to freehand.
    Name:  primlieut.jpg
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    AAAAAnnnnd. A Wizard from reaper miniatures Is in the post on its way, he caught my eye on ebay and has no flat armour to speak of so that will really test me! Galladon I believe is his name. I'll soon decide a scheme for him.
    Name:  wizard.jpg
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    Happy hunting all.

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    nice work on the marine. good tidy edges.
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/...ing-lark-again

    My Instagram - where I post pictures every now and again https://www.instagram.com/coyotepaints/

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    The green sword is an eye-catcher. Nice job!

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    Thank you graishak. Much appreciated.

    Disaster has struck and I'm definitely going to create bases separately now before attaching minis. I bought agrellan badlands from gw because its pictures implied it would make large cracks if applied on thickly. It did not crack at all and now I'm left with just a load of solid grit texture. Which I painted white to see if it would look like snow and now its even worse.

    My og idea was to paint electric blue on the base and then have it show through the cracks. Then paint the cracks as ice and maybe add some blue crystals.

    Here's some photos of gws badland result my mess. I'm annoyed because very happy with the blue armour and the rest of the model now and just want to finish it.

    Any cmon users have any advice on what I should do? Maybe I could paint black and dry brush greys getting lighter and just accept a stone rubble like base. I could add a tiny bit of actual snow affect in small spots? Name:  DSC_0218-01.jpeg
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    Name:  GW-Agrellan-Badland.jpg
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    I never worked with this particular product, but it seems that they all works the same: you need to apply a really thick coat for the crackle effect to work.

    Regarding you issue now, glueing the mini to the base complicate things as bit especially when using textured paints.

    And ice isn't the easiest texture to reproduce (trust me, I'm working on it for some times now ).
    Anyway, here is my though on the mater, maybe others have more experience or better ideas, but here is that i'll try to do:

    First stop adding more texture to it, as you figured out, it would only mess things up more.
    Maybe you can play with washes? Washes tend to hadd a glossy finish and is transparent enough to play with sveral colors on different layers.
    The texture paint didn't work as you like? not problem, just paint the effect yourself.

    Paint the base with various washes( blue, turquoise, light green), then paint the crackes using diluted/pur white, then add another layer of blue, etc etc.

    As demonstrate on the first technic on this video, you could achieve a really nice effect with that :

    you can even use gloss varnish of a thin layer of UV resin (if you have some).

    Adding snow effect on top and you should be good to go.

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    Perhaps if you were up for this kind of finish this approach would work well. The texture of your crackle paste seems similar to what I get with dirt.

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    Dexter and SaintToad thank you for the great advice I am nearly finished his base back soon.

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    So here's what I've done so far. The agrellan badlands was painted white then washed with blue vallejo wash and then highlighted by dry brushing white. And some home made snow was applied in patches.

    Found some small stones to superglue onto the base which I will paint up shortly and come back. Then he just needs a few final touches. Name:  DSC_0226-01.jpeg
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    Well, you did it. You manage to save it. Well done!

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