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Thread: Difficulty levels / Variants?

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    Default Difficulty levels / Variants?

    Hello there,

    I like it very much if a cooperative game offers adjustable levels of difficulty, or even some variant to keep the gameplay fresh. Are there any official plans for these, that may get included in the final rulebook?

    Of course, the comminity can always come up with own ideas, cooperative games tend to be suited for variations. Some Resource cards at the start of the game, or changing one starting militia to a ranger can give the players a head start if they find the game too hard to win or just want an easy session. Maybe you can only place 3 aliens per player at the first round, but 5 aliens at the third round of every wave for a "growing doom" variant - there are so many possibilities. Personally, I just prefer to have official suggestions from the designers, so I don't have to playtest myself so much to find good difficulty levels.

    What do you think?



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    Normal Game: Base has 15 HP per player

    "Beginner Mode": Base has 20 HP per player

    "You Ain't Winnin Mode": Base has 10 HP per player.

    If you want something simple.

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