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    Default So who is in charge?

    Ok so I sent an email off to try to get replacements for missing parts in the game I bought the other day and after sending an email off the I got told I have to contact soda pop miniatures, yet I heard that soda pop when they get emailed just tell you to contact cool mini or not, I have sent an email to soda pop anyway but I was wondering if anyone just make it clear as to what is going on

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    I'm pretty sure Soda Pop is handling everything Super Dungeon Explore at this point. I hope your issue gets resolved.

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    I found this this article from TTGN:

    specifically to the OP:

    Please direct product inquiries for Super Dungeon Explore™ and Relic Knights™ to

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    Ok that explains it they had "differences" (I like to imagine there was a lot of yelling and throwing things and possibly a couple of deaths on each side, but I my views of how the business world works might be slightly off) the email in that article is different to the one I was given from CMoN but I have emailed both and we shall see if I get any response.

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    If your problem hasn't been resolved yet, write to Nick at

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