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    A BIG thanks for the Season 3 Kickstarter! It was a blast and I appreciate all the stretch goals and optional buys! Thiago should be well praised for how he represented CMON on the Kickstarter page as well as Katherine! I can't wait to visit the CMON booth at GenCon and check out all you have to offer!!

    Thanks again,
    Mark Reynolds

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    Thanks a lot for your support and praise. Hope to see you at GenCon!

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    I normally post on BGG, but decided to stop here to voice my thanks as well. I have been a fan since S1, and love that this game is spreading in popularity as it is just so good! I'm grateful for all the work that has been put into zombicide since the beginning, and more recently with S3 as there is just so much more content that was added (new zombie types, tiles, characters, abilities, upgrade cards, pvp, weapons, 3d stuff....). I am also thankful that GG/CMON has stuck to their guns and kept the exclusive characters exclusive. Finally, let me say thanks for all the time and work you all put into this KS as this one was very active and backers can be very vocal and demanding (and at some times be down right mean).

    So yea, thanks again for everything! It was a fun time and I'm glad to have backed all three!

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