I'm clearing house and have a large collection of DA still on card. Some of them have stat cards, some don't. They didn't always put them in back then, but I'm sure the card stats are outdated by now. I think they pre-date the first book. My collection has several of the spear slaves when they were a larger size than they are today and some original sculpts. I loved the ruleset and wanted to play, but there was zero interest around me, so I never really picked it up.

I'm just getting back into painting and I'm painting more single figure heroes than army/units, so I think I'd like to convert these DA into something else. I priced these up awhile ago, so I'm not sure the store prices are the same and definitely not if they had a 80% off sale. I'm willing to sell these all as a package for $450 plus the actual cost of shipping.

No, I am not going to break this up. I'm a miniature addict and could just as easily keep these for a later paint day, so this has to be quick and painless. Seriously, don't ask me to break it up.

If you are serious about a purchase. We could do a live video chat and I can show you the models and you can see whatever you would like and ask questions, I can take pictures and send them, or something else that would make a purchase this large be more comfortable for you. I will be at GenCon this year, if you would like to pay in advance, I could deliver them there and save you some on shipping. I will write you a hand written receipt and take a picture of me holding it for your records and proof of purchase.

Dads Miniature Lot.zip