Princess Outis - Dark Age / Infamy Miniatures crossover miniature!
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Thread: Princess Outis - Dark Age / Infamy Miniatures crossover miniature!

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    Default Princess Outis - Dark Age / Infamy Miniatures crossover miniature!


    Just making a post here to let you folks know about the Dark Age / Infamy Miniatures crossover miniature that's up on my Kickstarter right now - Infamy: Welcome to The Big Smoke -

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    Princess Outis has been designed to fit into not just one, not just two, but three different worlds!
    She can be used in games of my tabletop skirmish game Infamy: Welcome to The Big Smoke and will get her own unique rules. In addition, you’ll be able to take her into battle as a Mercenary in games of Dark Age and Wrath of Kings with rules from those games’ creators. Pretty cool if I do say so myself!

    Her concept is one of my favourites so far and I can’t wait to get her sculpted and cast up in beautiful resin. I think she’s going to be an amazing model to paint, with the various undersea elements she has making for some stunning details.

    The process of developing this concept was a rewarding one. Coming up with a design that was at home in the industrial steampunk aesthetic of the Big Smoke but also looked really great in the apocalyptic world of Samaria and the kingdoms of Arikana was challenging but very fun. I hope you guys are into the look of the mini as much as I am.

    Princess Outis is available to add to your pledge as a Regular choice or she can be put in as an add-on!

    What this means is that if you just want this model, you can back at Gateway for £3 and then add-on an additional £12 for Princess Outis - £15 total

    If you like the look of some of the other Infamy miniatures though, you can add Princess Outis to any of the pledges on the Kickstarter and take her as a Regular option.


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    Just a heads up, at the current exchange rate that is just $20.07 which is really not bad at all for a figure that can be used in multiple games. I like this project and may well just do that. Good luck guys.

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    Is there any chance that we could see the possible Dark Age stats for Princess Outis? The cross-game concept sounds awesome, but I think it would go a long way for buyers if they knew what she brought to the table.

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    Is there any way to get one of these models?

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    EBay or bartertown is your best bet.

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    I've received my pledge for Infamy today and Princess Outis did not come with cards for Dark Age or Wrath of Kings. But other models for GuildBall did. What's the story here?
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