Oh, Sheldon, where art thou?
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Thread: Oh, Sheldon, where art thou?

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    Default Oh, Sheldon, where art thou?

    Having come to the following conclusions:

    a) That after this KS, Dave is going to be a lot harder to find...

    b) That I'm not prepared to pay £100 for a piece of plastic...

    c) That I'm not going to be at a Con where they give them away...

    d) They won't sell them to S2+ backers...

    e) They're not going to re-model the Geek....

    and most critically,

    f) The rest of TBBT crew are pretty pointless without him....

    what alternatives have the community found that could stand in for Sheldor the Conqueror?

    NB: AtticaGames version is not in consideration here!
    Locate - Decapitate - Incinerate

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    That's too funny! That was my first thought too!

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    Whoahh, there is an aftermarket for Season 1 stand ins?
    Amazing, Zombicide is now on par with GW!

    All the more reason to give us resin castings of all Survivors, or?

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    You just have to be vigilant on ebay. Set up a saved search for 'zombicide dave' so it alerts you when new auctions come online. I bought a lot of zombicide stuff, and sold off all the dupes. All said and done I ended up paying $27 for each Season 1 exclusive when I would have paid $100 or more each. And this was just last month.

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