Complete list of unit sizes?
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Thread: Complete list of unit sizes?

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    Default Complete list of unit sizes?

    Does this already exist somewhere? I was planning to back the soon ending Mantis Model Storage Cases kickstarter (, to use for my WoK models. They have a number of different foam tray layouts to choose from and I was trying and figure out which ones I would need for my WoK pledge.

    Is there a complete list of unit sizes floating around somewhere on the internet? I know a lot of the models are typical infantry size but others (Zaalak, Galvic Defender, the monsters, etc) are larger in size.

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    Nothing really exists for the height of the units, the cards will give you base size.

    From seeing the resins in action I would say that if you use the height of the Wolfen from confrontation, that will be very close to the Goritsi Werewolves (and probably be a good estimate for things like the Wrath and the Fernzies

    The hardest part will be the monsters though, since I am not sure just how tall things like the C.A.G.E. will be

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    I've been using for right now.

    Assuming every unit is roughly as tall as their base is wide (which is obviously wrong).

    @CMoN Is it possible to get a bit more info on the size of units please? Preferably in the next 53 hours!

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    Hi Xav,

    As we don't have a height/weight chart for WoK the best I can do right now is give you these:

    Most 30mm base models are 35-40mm in height, most 40mm base models are 40mm-50mm in height, most 50mm base models are 50mm-60mm in height and most 80mm base models are 80-120mm in height

    The Blood Engine for example is about 75mm tall, the Dancing Master is 37mm and one of the Skorze is 57mm (I happen to have a few of the resins on my desk right now) bear in mind the production plastics may have a mm or 2 variance so these are just approximations for you.

    I can try to snap some photos of some of the models I have at home tonight or tomorrow and get them posted up for you.
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    Thanks for the reply Derek. I did manage to find those images in one of the KS updates and they did help a little. Using those and the rough numbers you provided I should be able to pick out some foam trays for WoK. Thanks again!

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