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    More Season 2 Toxic Zombies, I kept the Joker look but painted the Zs a bit more pale.

    more Zs ->


    Dr Stormcrow, one of my favourite sculpts of the KS exclusive promo figures.
    The sheer amount of detail on this miniature is simply breathtaking!
    For the base I used again my milliput negatives.

    more BP ->

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    Time for the last 2 BP survivors, with the 4 above I can play the 6 heroes from BP without using the original ones.

    WoK Iron Lotus (as Nelly)

    WoK Red Willow (as Ann)

    Massive Darkness
    While I really like the game, many of the more traditionally fantasy minis are not to my liking. Evil Dwarves with pointy jelly bag caps? Oh no!!!
    Same goes for many heroes. So I decided to make some customs cards and use again some Wrath of Kings and Zombicide minis as stand ins.

    more on my site:

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    Creating the above cards did not stopped me from also painting one of the Fantasy heroes right out of the box - Owen the Paladin of Fury.

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    More speed painting!

    Bjorn and Owen fighting the Spider...

    4 of our 6 hero group, Owen, Brother Tucker (from the Black Plague crossover), Whisper and Siegfried.

    The rebased giant Spider!

    more ->

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    These look nice and the custom character cards are nice. We played our second game...4 hours, got our butts kicked, and stilll enjoyed it.

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    they are great! keep doing with further survivors.
    Calabozo Criollo Venezuela #WEDOPLAY!
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    6 friends, our playing group characters.

    more pics:

    and some more Black Plague:

    All super fast painted...

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    Last week I received my Green Horde Wave two package.
    It kicked me back into Zombicide painting. Two survivors of the Adrian Smith Hate box are finished.
    The expansion itself is nice, but most of the Orc minis are way too anime style fantasyish for my taste...
    Anyway, great value and some really nice mini, more soon!

    Cul’nar and Sha’keel from the Adrian Smith Black Plague HATE box.


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    ...and some more!

    A "Swarm of Ratz" from the “No rest for the wicked” box.

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    Very nice. I really like the pale skin on HATE box set

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    Wonderful work Agis!!!

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    The King of Ratz and some Ratz. I really like the game mechanics for these minis!
    And these minis can do double duty as Necromunda Ratz or something similar!!!

    More on my site:

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    More and bigger RATS!

    The Abominarat, the King of Ratz Necromancer and a Swarm of Ratz from the “No rest for the wicked” box.
    I removed the spikes from the big fat rat (I really dislike the spike look of zombies) and applied some extra glossy varnish over all blains.
    The base is an oval mdf base, stones are created by milliput and a texture roller.

    The next victim (Celia la Santa from the Gipi box) of the big fat rat together with some old GW plastic and metal rats.
    I am planning to use the giant rats as zombie runner.

    The two Fatty Burster sculpts from Green Horde.

    more pics on my site:

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    Thanks, disgusting was exactly the goal on these minis!

    The Swamp Troll Abomination.
    I really like the Cthulhu Deep One look! And since the Troll emerges from water tiles I gave the mini a glossy finish.
    I also rebased it on a smaller oval base since the tiles becomes very crowded once you reach orange or red level...

    more pics on my site:

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    IMO Black Plague fits also GoT, consequently I created some Survivor cards just for the fun of it!

    more cards (Pycelle, Bronn, Sandor, Tyrion) on my site:

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    I needed some ghosts or Yurei for my Asian minis and speed painted the three sculpts from the "No Rest for the Wicked" box.
    Nice enough minis, but the poor casting and the moldlines are really annoying…

    more on my site:

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