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Thread: Season 1 Survivors painted

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    Cool Season 1 Survivors painted

    Everyone who is interested in post apocalyptic Zombie gaming sooner or later comes to Zombicide.

    The Season 1 Survivors on the game table

    I finally gave all my Z paintings a dedicated subsection:

    More pics of each Survivor there!


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    Nice looking models with a good honest review. I could also get behind a resin edition of the survivors.

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    And all 9 different Zed sculpts of the Season 1 box.

    Speed painted, basic colours, slightly thinned Fanatic Army Painter Medium shade brushed on. Matt varnish and some blood speckles here and there with a small sponge. Done!


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    Really great work buddy!

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    Nicely done, especially like the colour palette!, and the white stripe on the runner, hat's off!

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    Great makes me want to repaint my stuff.

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    I started to paint my KS exclusive minis. First are two characters of one of my all time favourite movies!

    Ross (The Manager), based on Walter Sobchak (John Goodman) from "The Big Lebowski"
    Gary (The Misfit), based on Jeffrey Lebowski - The Dude (Jeff Bridges) from "The Big Lebowski"

    I cannot stress the point enough that these are INCREDIBLE good sculpted minis. When taking them out of the box I was impressed, after painting them I am in AWE. Just check the small details, Walter's Bowling ball, The Dude's white mug (probably for his White Russian).
    The casual posture of the Dude, slightly smiling. The list goes on...

    Don't know who sculpted them, but big thanks to him/ her!

    Again I would love to see a good resin cast of all the Zombicide minis!

    more pics on my site:

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    And the next two Survivors join the Dude's group...

    More detailed:

    Lea, based on Wichita (Emma Stone) from "Zombieland" and
    Ralph, based on Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) from "Zombieland"

    Again the minis are way better as expected from the cheap plastic look.


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    Since you can drive cars in some Zombicide missions I thought it only fitting to "zombiefy" a Police car.

    A (slightly too big) die cast cheap Police car. The lower part was sprayed matt, after that I applied some weathering to give the car the Zombie right feel. Next time we drive in style over the game board!

    Another view here:

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    Nicely painted. Beats the heck out of grey plastic.

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    What? Z heroes???

    You may have noticed that I got into Zombicide lately... And since I am also an old Superhero fan it was about time to combine both interests. 1st hero for Zombicide, Arrow.

    Full story here:

    Best thing IMO, Knight Models Heroes also match up really well with Zombicide Minis! A very similar sculpting style and size.

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    Hell yeah! He fits in well with the Zombicide figs.

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    Two more Promo Survivors for Zombicide, this time “What say, you, we go out on the town and swing, baby? Yeah!”.

    Thiago, based on Austin Powers (Mike Myers) from "Goldmember" and
    Adriana, based on Foxxy Cleopatra (Beyoncé Knowles) from "Goldmember"

    And a group shot:


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    Very nice work in here. Like your versions.
    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    excellent work, look forward to seeing more of it. i'm finding the clean-up on these mini's are a bit fiddly as the plastic is fairly hard, did you encounter similar issues? and how did you deal with them?

    again really nice work

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    2nd Hero - Batman

    Again a very nice Knight Models sculpt of the Batman - Dark Knight movie adaption. Bit tricky to paint since Batman is mostly black in the movies, only his utility belt stands out. For Zombicide I will use the “Eagle Chaz, the american hero” card.


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    Quote Originally Posted by terroroy View Post
    excellent work, look forward to seeing more of it. i'm finding the clean-up on these mini's are a bit fiddly as the plastic is fairly hard, did you encounter similar issues? and how did you deal with them?
    No problems at all. There were one or two mold lines, nothing a good modelling knife couldn't scratch off.

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    Batman looks great! Everything else as well, I use your works one of my references.

    I have no trouble cleaning either - exacto blade, some files and really fine sand paper does the trick.

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    Batman needs a suitable ride, or? The 1/43 Eaglemoss Collection Tumbler fits the bill perfectly!


    And Bones from the Season 2 Adrian Smith Special Guest Box :

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