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    Cool Season 1 Survivors painted

    Everyone who is interested in post apocalyptic Zombie gaming sooner or later comes to Zombicide.

    The Season 1 Survivors on the game table

    I finally gave all my Z paintings a dedicated subsection:

    More pics of each Survivor there!


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    Nice looking models with a good honest review. I could also get behind a resin edition of the survivors.

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    And all 9 different Zed sculpts of the Season 1 box.

    Speed painted, basic colours, slightly thinned Fanatic Army Painter Medium shade brushed on. Matt varnish and some blood speckles here and there with a small sponge. Done!


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    Really great work buddy!

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    Nicely done, especially like the colour palette!, and the white stripe on the runner, hat's off!

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    Great makes me want to repaint my stuff.

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