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    Chief Underhill is FDGC Chief. You get him to know at the end of a nice sidequest in Arkham Knight. After Scarecrow forced a mass evacuation of Gotham City by threatening to detonate a chemical bomb on Halloween night, the Firestation 17 unit went to try and put out a fire. However, the firefighters truck ended up stopped by rioters, and each member of the station ended up held hostage. Batman rescued every Firemen afterwards.

    I even created a fitting Z card for him:

    The mini is Dan from the Rue Morgue Box, his stat card is also the same, I just added the Fire Axe.

    More on my website - including cards for Batman, Commisioner Gordon and Arrow.

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    OK, back to Batman! While progressing slowly in the AK PS4 game I just could not resist painting the excellent Knight Model Batman.

    And the Mk8 Suit also gets its Zombicide Card.

    Since the new Batmobile is just too good to be left out I searched for a suitable model. I know of two, the Eaglemoss Batmobile in combat mode and the Hot Wheels Elite car. While the Eaglemoss model seems to be more detailed it is just a bit too big, so I went for the Hot Wheel car. The model below got a bit of repaint here and there.

    And as usual more pics on my Website:

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    And some Berserker Zs!

    I will use them as Arkham inmates that went way too wild after a Joker Titan formula infusion...

    more Zs and Survivors:

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    Nice as usual and like your linked write up. I agree that based on the quality of the plastic sculpts that resin additions from the masters would be awesome.

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    Amazing art in here!

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    Ann the somehow crazed Nun of the core Black Plague box.

    Very quick paint job to get her on the table as fast as possible. I also tried something new for me, a painted only base, no texture at all involved.
    I love the game addition, but the medieval fantasy setting is really not my thing.
    I really hope for a Zombicide SF setting!

    More Z stuff on my site:

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    A bunch of additional Zombies from Zombicide Season 1 and 3 gets a lick of paint...

    The Season 3 Zombies

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    I painted some more Berserker Zs from Prison Outbreak!
    I have to say I like the Jailhouse Zs the most so far.

    More as usual on my site:

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    Some Season 2 Toxic Zombies together with the Joker (from Knight Model).

    I am planning to use the Joker as a Necromancer using the Black Plague Spawn deck.


    Another idea, why not paint the Black Plague Zs as White Walkers from Game of Thrones?

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    Once per year I treat myself with painted minis from the incredible talented Simon Bradley. This time he painted some Zombicide minis for me, the 1st to show is Sheldon.
    All the rest is painted by me.

    More Zombicide:

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    Hi Agis!

    While Simon Bradley is amongst my favorite painters, and does incredible things, your minis seem to fit right in beside them, with no discernible difference.

    Maybe if I treated myself to Agis Neugebauer painted minis, your skills would rub off onto mine!

    They all looks great, and that is such a fun set.

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    Some of my friends are REALLY bitten by the Black Plague bug, a good opportunity to finish some of the minis that were already too long on my painting table:
    Mizar and Donna Carlotta!

    Group shot of the heroes painted so far, Little Prince (Gipi), Mizar (Bonner), Donna Carlotta (Gipi), Ann (Core box).

    Donna Carlotta from the Gipi box ; I really, really like the sculpt. Not the stereotype girl in metal bikini hero!
    Consequently I put some extra effort into the painting...

    More on my site:

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    Scowl (Batman) the Dark Knight - Kickstarter Exclusive bonus mini. I took pains to get the Batman colors right and still keep the Medieval look.
    Beige utility belt, not yellow etc.

    I really like the minis, rules wise he is a bit week IMO.

    Bigger pic on my site:

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    Very cool, but that Mizar sculpt looks awesome painted up.

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    The base on Scowl was a bit warped, stuff like this really gets on my nerves (yes I am that way), so I decided to rebase my minis.
    I took a negative using milliput from a cobblestone base. I then stamped it to the final base again using milliput as the base material.

    The same was used with the KS 1st Player Coin to create Ann’s base.

    Rebased White Walker Zombies, another really fast quick paint.

    I also worked on my WoK mod idea...

    Dragon Legion Keeper (possible stand in for Clovis)

    Elsis (as Samson stand in), Dragon Legion (as Clovis) and the Shield of Taelfon (as Baldric).

    more as always:

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    I finished my Gipi survivors!
    I really like this set, not the shining heroes you expect, grimy and shady characters right out of the fighting pit!
    Gamewise they work good together.


    Celia la Santa

    More on my site:

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    Back to Zombicide Black Plague - Grin and Shalheira from the Edouard Guiton Guestbox are painted!

    Grin (The Joker) an additional Necromancer - Kickstarter Exclusive bonus mini.
    An incredible well sculpted mini with lots of hidden details that you only recognize while painting (at least me).
    Please note the sculpted base with extra greenish shade...

    Shalheira (without ears) from the Edouard Guiton guest box

    Since Edouard was also heavily involved in the Wrath of Kings design, she fits right into my Wrath of Kings Mod!

    Dragon Legion (as Clovis), Shalheira (as Silas), the Shield of Taelfon (as Baldric) and Elsis (as Samson).

    more as always on my site:

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    Big fan of your style. Grin turned out very cool.

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    Super speed painting for some Season 1 Zombicide Zs.


    Do you remember the twin brothers and hitmen for the Juárez Cartel? Leonel and Marco Salamanca (commonly known as "The Cousins") ended pretty bad in season 3 of BB. The above models have a certain similarity, so I only decided to paint them a bit in the way they appeared in the series.

    more Zs on my site:

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