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    Default High Elf color scheme

    I acquired a (mostly) unpainted high elf army. I don\'t care for the blue/white/silver look of all the pics I\'ve seen. I was wondering if there were other color schemes folks have used and what did or did not work for varying the High Elves.

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    Default damn....so much for the 1st colors i thought of...

    uhmmm i saw a really really nice tzentch scheme in white dwarf 273 pg 12, upper right hand corner oon some chaos nights. sad to say ive never seen chaos knights looks so, uhmmm.... darned bueatifull. they used a sky blue type metallic with gold bronzed trim and a darkish ink to accentuate all the dimensions in the armour and for shading. no white on thier clothes or armour. or you could go for a dark elfish motiff or maybe a shadow elf deal with very faded purple with silver armour an black wash.

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    in white dwarf(sorry don\'t know #)..the article \"painting with the average joe\" had a paint scheme for a dark elf cold one knight.. it was way too bright for a de i thought..he used teal and orange which would look much better for high elves see if you can find this article.

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    i play high elves so my color scheme is mainly blue with scaly jade vile and hawk turchoise.with gold and silver for the mettalics

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    Default How about

    Dark Red clothes, Deep Yellow trim and accents, and Gold for all the armour and metal (sans blades)

    or ....

    stick with the original whites and silvers but switch all the blues into the redder variety of purple (as opposed to the blue based Dark Elf purple).

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    hmm. Not sure that I#m going to help you here ....as I broke all the golden rules when painting my HIgh Elves .. None of the bright whites etc ... this is a \'fight-to-the-death-because-our-race-is-slowly-bleeding-dry\' Army, with lots of browns,chain armour, greens etc ... they left their \'ceremonial\' uniforms back at Ulthuan, and got into their field gear ... If youre interested I have a pic on coolminiornot ... :flip: Jester

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    I’m painting up a unit of High Elf warriors of Chrace and I used the normal whites and armor colours but changed the blue to green and painted their spears and boots a dark brown giving them an almost wood elf like feel. The green is just dark angles green, jade green and then a little jade green mixed into yellow for highlighting. They look cool I’ll have some pics up on coolminiornot by next weekend!

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