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    Default Gandalf The Grey NMM Help Please

    This is my first attempt at NMM. I would really appreciate some feedback.
    the feathered armour around the thighs is finished the rest is still WIP

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    Looks like a good start Gandalf.

    A couple of things that will help it pop a bit more. You need to take the shadows deeper both toward the back of each plate where it meets the cloak and at the bottom of the ones that are overlapped.
    You also want to push the light spots much brighter on the plates themselves but keep them small. The size is good at the moment but they need to go closer to white (but not all the way).
    I also think you have a little too much white on the edges. You need to reserve white for small specular highlights and very thin limited edge highlights. So maybe a small white spot on the lower edge of the bottom 3 plates on the left in the middle of your current light spot and a white edge highlight on the upper edge of each plate above those white spots. Keep the rest of the edge highlights to mixes of yellow and white or even some of your brighter greens.

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