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    Default Card Sleeves for XenoShyft

    I am trying to decide if getting the sleeves is worth it. Deciding factors will include but are not limited to the following:

    Are the sleeves custom art work on the back?

    What company is providing the sleeves?

    If they are custom art, will they be available in the future, providing future expansions and possible replacement for damaged and worn sleeves?

    Any info on this would be great, then I can settle my pledge manage.

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    I was hoping one of their updates would mention it but I know they'll be busy now with Gencon.

    I recently purchased my first deck building game and sleeved it with penny sleeves and they're okay. I figured since I spent this much money on Xenoshyft and also joining the Xenoshyft train from its birth I might as well spend money on some good sleeves as well. Though we still don't have news yet, I'm confident that the 35$ for the sleeves will be a good value so I added that to my pledge manager.

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    Yeah, I picked Oz's brain a bit, and found some answers, they are custom art, but he did not know what company was providing them, and you should get enough cards to sleeve everything. I decided to drop it from the order and will likely use FFG card sleeves since I put all my other LCG games in those, and normally have tons of them around.

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    Ya there were a ton of people asking about the number of sleeves, the response was always an enough to cover everything which is all we really need.
    Thanks for the update kind sir!

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    Hey guys! Everything looks great and I am very happy things are about to ship! I am really hoping that you all could shed some light on a few questions (since retail is right around the corner) before I finalize my pledge. I know others really want to know as well, so fingers crossed:

    1. Can you shed some light on what to expect (an estimate is more than fine) retail as far as price and pack size that will be available to those wanting to use or replace Xeno sleeves?

    2. I am not aware of CMON making sleeves before, but maybe you have. Because of this, I am curious if you are making sleeves or having another well known manufacture of them make them? If you are, can you share who will make/provide them?

    3. For comparison sake, will the sleeves be more comparable to mayday 100 per pack normal sleeves or their 50 per pack premium sleeves? (sorry for company naming, just the most common one I could think of for comparison that people would know and would have felt before).

    4. How many cards will be in the KS edition of the game if you include both expansions and the 6th player addition?

    5. It was mentioned in an update that the whale miniature would be a great round marker and the included miniature works well as a first player token. I was wondering if there would be a generic round or 1st player marker included (token or what not) or is the only way to have a marker for both to buy the additional miniature?

    Thank you once again for taking the time to answer these questions. It is my fear that I will not get an answer until its to late, but I am hoping. Sorry if you have covered these questions, but I had not seen a full answer yet. Thank you again!

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    I can confirm that really, the sleeves are awesome!

    Now, if I could only get the missing ones... ;P

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    The sleeves were the best thing I ever got as an addon.

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    Is there a way to get the sleeves now the campaign is over? I didn't pledge for them at the time and would really like some now as they look awesome! I'll just figure out how to fit them all in the box some other time..

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