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    Not being much of a free-hand painter, I am considering getting some decals for my minis. Can anyone suggest a good online store and/or a particular brand I should look for? I'm currently interested in modern urban stuff, but anything can be of interest.

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    Pre-made (I assume this is what you are looking for) or do it yourself?

    Urban stuff is a bit broad topic, but check Woodland Scenics and other model Railroad suppliers:


    For other items like military markings for vehicles, it depends on scale and era. Google is your friend here.

    Warhammer and WH 40K Ebay or Games Workshop.
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    You can also make your own with decal paper and a bubble-jet printer. It's pretty fun... or incredibly tedious depending on how it turns out I guess.

    Not sure on brand of decal but be sure to get some Microsol, it will make your decals look painted on.

    And don't be afraid to paint over those decals once they are set. Glazes and washes and pigment powders will make them look more realistic too!

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    Thanks for the input! Making my own sounds like Photoshop work - in my eyes, tedious AND fun. I might give that a try later when I have the time to brush up on my Photoshop skills, I sure am better there than at free hand.

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    Hey oistene,

    Freehand isn't really that scary. Practice, practice practice. And keep the base colour of the area handy for little(or big) corrections.

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    Not scary, but I got other things I want to practice first. I got twelve years of not painting to make up for... lots of catching up to do!

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    If you hunt around on the web there is Inkjet Water slide paper to create your own designs.
    IIRC it's not cheap but an A4 sheet should provide enough area to create A LOT of decals for 28mm figures.
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