NEW darkstar miniatures molten metal paint review!!
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Thread: NEW darkstar miniatures molten metal paint review!!

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    Default NEW darkstar miniatures molten metal paint review!!

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    So here it is the (not so) long awaited review on DARKSTAR MOLTEN METAL metallic paints, due to be released at EuroMilitaire (on stand 34), well what can i say appart from wow? quite a lot actually, these paints are FANTASTIC so here is a list of all the things that set these apart from other metallic paints:

    -HUGE coverage
    -The pigment is super fine
    -Blends well
    -Drybrushes even better
    -Can be thinned, but also works well straight out of the bottle
    -Get some interesting and very good things happen if ink is applied over the top
    -They are mixed with a matte varnish so when they dry they are very durable and do not wear down
    -Oil washes go over them very well, do not linger on flat surfaces like some do
    -100% non-toxic, water based
    -They airbrush without any clogging
    -fully inter-mixable with any other company of non-metallic paints to create your own metallic colors!
    -Work just as well WITHOUT a base coat, but of course a base coat is recommended

    The color range AT THIS TIME consists of: Silver, Old silver, Baroque, Pewter, Graphite, Steel, Classic gold, Royal gold, Regency gold, Victorian gold, Pale gold, Renaissance Gold, Brass, Copper, Blackened bronze...and another 20 colors to be added !!

    Prices for a 17ml bottle will be £2.50 each OR amSET of 3 paints is £6.50

    Sets are:
    (classic gold/royal gold/regency gold)

    So if you wish to make a pre-order, or reserve your bottle of molten metal to be picked up at EuroMilitaire Email:

    tell them which paints or set you would like with your address and they will get back to you!

    ive had a great time using these paints and i hope you guys do as well.

    Note: pre-orders that wont be picked up at Euro will not be sent out until after the 21st of september, keep an eye on dark star miniatures facebook page for updates !!

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