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    Great news. Very exciting. Also wanted voice my appreciation on the gencon decision, I hadn't thought about it, and personally would not have been upset, but I can appreciate the consideration. Must be quite an opportunity to move product getting passed up.

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    I was hoping to buy the few things I didn't include in my kickstarter order at GenCon, but no biggie I can support my FLGS now. Can't wait to get Wave 2 sounds like it is getting close.

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    Personally I'd say that is extremely bad news for anybody not in the US, just how long does it take to pack these boxes? How can a shipment arrive in the US and ours are not even packed yet?

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    Hithero, sadly this is so true and the update does not say they are on the boat even now - it is Gencon, so another week till the next update. Hoping CMON have done a Wave One and the stuff is actually nearing us without them realising it , then I woke up

    Pleased for those in the US, but feel a little deflated knowing it is likely another 6 weeks or more before I might finally see the Wave 2 items.

    At least there is a chance they might send out the expanded rules and stats as a pdf - not perfect and maybe could have been done sooner.
    for me
    Still a fan of the game and love Ted's work, Western Front six months ago was a sure fire KS buy in but if this is how non US customers are treated it makes it so hard to pony up the money.

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    I imagine that once this starts to show up at backers' doors, the stats and rules will show up in PDF form. It just might not be CMON doing it.

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    Might be so, but they did say they would look at it after Gencon in the comments for the Update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hithero View Post
    Personally I'd say that is extremely bad news for anybody not in the US, just how long does it take to pack these boxes? How can a shipment arrive in the US and ours are not even packed yet?
    That was my reaction as well.
    Worst case we look at 2-3 more weeks before packing is done. Waiting for boat another week or two. Shipping to Germany 3-4 weeks, gereral screw-up at the German customs another 2 weeks and repacking and shipping to end customer 3 more weeks.

    I will be supprised to see wave two at my doorstep before christmas....

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    Accross on the KS site, someone asked about EU/UK delivery as was told that they underestimated the complexity of putting together the 700 or so orders and apparentely the "picking" process is not yet compltete. I cannot understand why that was not in the update itself and why CMON cannot now give us the definate shipping information.

    As it stands it is looking like two months before we will see the game -a totally frustrating experience.

    If it takes this long to assemble the EU shipping (a rate of about 20 orders a day) what is so different to how CMON will approach the 2100 orders for their US backers, so that they will not wait the same amount of time? Note my understanding is that CMON will be assembling the orders per backer, but the same process was being doen in the factory for the ROW

    Sorry for the drift into rant mode, but it feels despite paying extra for postage , we are being dealt with as some second rate customers.

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    You're not paying extra for shipping because you deserved special treatment. You paid more because it costs more to send it to you, plain and simple. And if past experience means anything, the US backers are still probably several months away from getting it. Sure, some will get it sooner, because that's how logistics works. I'm sorry that logistics means you can't have stuff immediately, but stop acting like you are being punished in some way. We'll all get it as soon as CMON is able to get it to us, regardless of where we live. Will some get it before others? Of course. I got Zombicide Wave 1 MONTHS after others had already gotten it and I live in the US. That's life. If you don't like it, maybe KS isn't for you.

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    Sorry, I went off a little there, I apologise but the lack of updates is galling

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    I totally understand. I was like that for me first few KS, but I decided it wasn't worth the effort. Some of my KS have taken longer than I like and some of them have updated less often than I'd like, but I've only had two that have completely fallen apart and it became fairly obvious, because half of the backers started screaming about refunds. In those cases, I got my refund and got out. In this case, I know that the product already exists and that it is on its way. For me, that's a KS win. Now I just have to be patient and wait for it to arrive.

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