Scalecolor Inktensity Acrylic Ink Set Review
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Thread: Scalecolor Inktensity Acrylic Ink Set Review

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    Default Scalecolor Inktensity Acrylic Ink Set Review

    Hey There!
    This is my second review i ever have written. My first one the "Scalecolor Sky&Ice Blue Paint Set Review" you'll find on my facebook page by clicking on the link

    But this time i will review the "Inktensity Acrylic Ink Set" by Scale 75 for you!

    The Set Comes (like all other sets too) in that handy but not very robust cardboard box you already know from my last review. But this comes with a fency layout

    It is also a set of 8 colors but this time completely different ones.
    Thes is a black, light brown, dark brown, violett, blue, green, red and a yellow.

    They are also 17 ml dropper bottles which comes sealed ( for more about that "sealing" read review one) and without aggregator balls included.
    (i see space for improvement Scale 75 )

    The consistency of the inks it should be for an ink They flow nicely from the brush , hits most of the recesses by the first try and do a (depending on the mix) greater or minor changing of the previous layer.
    Pure Ink on paper towel

    Again there is a small guide with different examples, written in four languages (English,Spanish,French,Italian)

    Like most other inks i tried out so far the finish is some kind of greasy as you can see later on.
    But you should easily become rid of it by simply add a drop of matte medium/varnish.

    For better color and coverage example i just covered white primed forest goblins with each of the inks.

    Inktensity Black

    As you can see the black is a bit weak in coverage but has a nice blending to the darker recesses.

    Inktensity Wood

    A nice yellowish brown tone which become more and more brown in the recesses. A great ink for light wood!

    Inktensity Chesnut

    A really good dark wood/leather tone. Not only the name reminds me of the legendary chesnut ink

    Inktensity Violet

    A deep and strong tone which covers really fast and good for an ink.

    Inktensity Blue

    A nice strong mid tone blue which could maybe be great for shading ultramarines.

    Inktensity Green

    More a turquoise than a green (in my opinion) but maybe that "bluish" tone will shading/darken a light green quit good.

    Inktensity Red

    A real bright red with slightly darker recesses. Great ink to bring some live into skin.

    Inktensity Yellow

    A nice and bright yellow tone. Not really know what to do with this except for bad moon stuff but i'm sure there is more

    Overall i can only say i'm also happy with this set too. The Scalecolor Inktensity Set is a great catch for everyone who is on the search for a set of good of good colorful inks to work with

    I hope you liked my second review! Comments and critics are welcome! if you like me to i will make more reviews as soon as i have something new and interesting for you all

    Feel free to check out my facebook page for more cool stuff & tutorials

    ---> SimonMoonPainting <---



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    That chestnut ink looks really nice! Good review, thanks!

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