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    Default Need advice on altering a face

    I'm working from the Scale120 Helen figure and wanting to change the face a little.

    The eyes seems a little too asian for what I'm going for. I think what I need to do is add more of a double lid but not sure exactly where to cut/add/modify to achieve a more generic caucasian look.

    Also want to add dimples to the smile and am looking for guidance on getting that to look right.

    The teeth also seem a little too defined to me and I'm wondering if a drop of something like Tamiya's surface prep (essentially water-thin putty) in the mouth would do the trick.

    Any tips would be much appreciated.

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    No one has any tips for me?

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    It has been a bit quiet on this thread.

    For the teeth. The gap between the middle two is too wide some filler like Fine milliputt or could be used to close it up and then re-scribe it a bit smaller. You might need to do the whole row of upper teeth though as It will be hard(impossible) to sand back in such a small space.

    On the painted versions that come up on your link she already seems to have dimples at the corners of her mouth. These look OK to me and may just require some good paint work to bring them out.

    The eyes. I think the lower lid looks a bit thick and in some of the shots seems to curve slightly upward toward the eyeball. If you can nibble this away to curve slightly downward instead then I think she will look less Asian. Again the lower lid seems a little fleshy and being less so might help.

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    Thanks so much for chiming in.

    I think the teeth will be easy enough to fix. I'll start by painting some Tamiya surface prep (basically very thin putty) in the gap . That may just "fill in" enough.

    On the dimples, I'm wanting to add the "divot in the cheek" dimple (the corner of the mouth as you say is fine as is). Just not sure how to get a smooth cavity in resin.

    On the eyes, I think I know what you mean. Could be tricky...

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    Do you have a Dremel or something similar? I used mine to clean up some mold lines on a resin bust. It needs a soft touch and a small engraving bit but does give smooth results. Though I din't use it near anything as important as a face. If the figure has any sprue bits practice on those first.

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