Cygnar 'merica: a conversion odyssey
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Thread: Cygnar 'merica: a conversion odyssey

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    Default Cygnar 'merica: a conversion odyssey

    With the help from a local painting studio, I'm embarking upon a cygnar army that I won't burn out on after painting 2 squads because I convert too much, the plan is over the top 'merica cygnar

    Without further delay: Gregore Grillmaster

    Chad Flexington

    Gregore's younger brother Todd: the cooler bearer:

    "number one" Jack, who managed to not come with a head

    Hurling Bennigan

    That one boomhowler who takes his job seriously looking over the pile of his squads thrown aside axes

    And the rest

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    Ha! Awesome. Seems a shame Borka's not involved somehow.

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    On bass: PNEMO!

    Lead Vocals: ENEMO!

    Backup guitar: 3Nemo!

    Lead Guitar: STORMWALL: (wip)

    first hunter converted and painted

    Uswj FURY OF LINCOLN aka ole rowdy

    uswj washingtons vengence aka gallant

    cage fighting minuteman


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    I'm probably going to color print a cape to glue overtop of his cape... maybe

    USWJ pursuit of justice nearly done
    scales didn't come out as nice as i'd like, might redo them
    still needs blindfold

    I decided that uswj washingtons vengence needed washingtons haircut

    Just ordered dynamo for the next jack

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    some more updates!

    .. also need to figure out photography since these pics look waaaaay worse than in person >.>

    gregoregrillmaster and his tailgate party

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    I just don't know how you keep you head from not exploding with this amount of projects on!?
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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