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    Default Alahan Army and some extras

    I tried to take pictures of a few things I've painted in the last 3 months.

    I really hope you'll like them:

    A girl and her dog (hasslefree diorama):

    Kitty Reimer from Scale75:

    Lioness from Figone:

    Confrontation Alahan army:

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    Nice work mate, voted. My fav is scooby
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ten ball View Post
    Nice work mate, voted. My fav is scooby
    yeah great stuff

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    Voted on all Max. They're all damn good. My fav is the Kitty Reimer one. Very good colors there and nice face. Perfect job on her makeup.

    Question. What is your recipe for the lioness' fur? If your paints are not citadel or VMC, just describe them as a warm, yellow orange for instance. Thanks!!
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    good question on the fur...
    I think I used VGC-Filthy Brown as a base (or plague brown? the one of the two that is also quite commonly a base for nmm-gold).
    highlighted with bleached bone and Ivory (quite common for me to highlight everything with Ivory )
    shaded with... no idea either bestial brown or I fell back to my usual shading yellow: liche purple. (or bestial followed by liche purple followed by VAC-darkseablue)
    The later 2 I use quite commonly with flesh and yellows.

    I used Jarhead's wet-in-wet version on it (takes about 5 minutes to have the blending complete to 70-80%), then switched to BenKomet's version of wet-in-wet (that I talked about in the wip thread) and finally adjusted the highlights / shades via glazes.

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    Wow, I'm impressed. I woulda thought there was some orange or yellow in there somewhere. But I guess it's just like NMM eh?
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    Those are all really nice. My favorite is the girl and her dog.

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