Looking for Sculptor for custom Chaos Terminators
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Thread: Looking for Sculptor for custom Chaos Terminators

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    Default Looking for Sculptor for custom Chaos Terminators

    Don't know if I am in the right section, hope it gets moved and not deleted if I am wrong

    Hi, I have a project of 5 chaos terminators, with pretty custom armors, so I am looking for a green stuff sculptor.

    Basically 4 terminators are based on the 4 chaos gods, and one is a simple black legion.

    For the 4 "god based" I need something like custom greaves, the small part of front torso, shoulderpads and heads ofc.

    So, i.e. I need something like this for slaanesh

    speakers here and there, and some strange face around

    For tzeentch I was thinking on lot of doodles around the armor, like the design used in the game "warhammer online:age of reckoning" or more easily the Dark Vengeance Chosen/Warp Talon armor design.

    Nurgle and Khorne are easy imho, one sores and tubes, the other lot of Khorne symbols, skulls/angry faces/spikes all around...

    Hope someone can help me, and hope some european, I don't want to pay more of shipping than sculpting XD

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    Expect a PM in a moment!
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