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    Default oistene's WIP - a mostly dead space

    So I've finally been able to get a couple of nightsof painting done. It is like learning to walk all over again... If nothing else, I got a lot better equipment and a lot more knowledge than I had back in the day when I last painted. I'm posting this for feedback, and hopefully, some day, I'll be able to deliver some of the same incredible quality that other members of this board are able to.

    First project out is Zombicide. I decided to use the zombies as practise, and save the heroes for when I get properly into things. It has been infectious, however, and now the whole family is painting!

    I'm trying a few different things here, first I've primed one batch pre-based with skeleton bone, and one with necrotic flesh and no base work. These are the results (apologies for huge pictures, I'll fix later):

    Skeleton bone:
    Name:  1.jpg
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    Necrotic flesh:
    Name:  image.jpg
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    Comparison shot:
    Name:  image.jpg
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    After, me and my fiance did a simple paint job on some of them. It was her first time, and she was a bit stubborn about doing things her own way (as you can see from the metallic base), but all in all, I think she did well for a first timer.

    Here's some 'clothed' deaders by me:
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    And then it is on to the quick shade... more to come later today.
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    Welcome to the WIP threads Oistene. Looks like the basing has gone alright mate. Looking forward to more pics.

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    I'm actually not all that pleased with the bases - the necrotic ones will get pumice, we'll see how that works. If nothing else, it will be easier to work with.

    Okay, showing off more work:

    My fiance did these, girl has pretty good speed already. They have been treated with quick shade and have dried.
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    In the time she did seven, I did three. Here's two of them:
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    And finally, two fatties treated with a matte coat. I did the guy on the right, and applied Army Painter Matte Coat by brush. As you may or may not be able to see, it is not very good. The coat does not cover properly, and I need to give it another round. Also, it is not as matte as the other guy, which my girlfriend painted and I sprayed with Testors Dullcote. The result is much better, making it properly matte and giving the dead look we want. Also, spraying is much faster, so we'll stick with that from now on:

    Name:  7.jpg
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    These guys now are just waiting for eyes and other details.

    And that is all we have for now... When I get back home, I'll post some pics of what the kids have done, just for the annoying 'aw-that's-cute'-factor. If you have kids, you understand.

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    Looking good mate. I totally understand with kids. Mine helped me paint the dogz and have been begging to help with the zombies since. I'll have to let them again I guess. Maybe when I hit the next batch though.

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    Two notes here - I think I used too little Quick Shade, so I'll try to be a bit more liberal on the next batch. I read somewhere that people often doesn't make their shadows dark enough, and I think I fell into that trap here.
    Also, I suck at taking pictures. Any simple tricks will be appreciated (used my iPad's camera for this, along with my painting light).

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    I didn't post here for a long time... But I have an excuse: I've been painting! That, and I'm not really fond of taking pictures.

    I've finished a ton of zombies (pictures of those will have to wait, want to get back to the brushes!), and starter some of my survivors. I'm taking my time with the heroes, and try to use some techniques I haven't used before, like blending. I won't say anything else about it, will just let the first finished model (base still not started) speak for itself. All feedback is as usual very appreciated!

    Pictures in next post.

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    Wanda looks good, a very nice job for a gaming mini. You've made some good choice in colours and have a nice steady hand (can tell from the eyes and lips, nicely done). You could probably thin the paint a little more as you have a little bit of a rough finish going on (in the flesh areas mostly). Blending on the flesh looks good. On the blue you could probably use some more intermediate layers or go over the transitions with a glaze of intermediate colour to soften it some more. The shadow areas on the dress could also be a little larger to add some more contrast. The section below her right arm at the back of the chainsaw pops really well because it has more of the shadow and mid tones, but it still reads as a similar light blue to the rest.

    Nice job.

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    Thanks for the meticulous analysis, Stew! And also for the praise. It is kinda nice to hear good feedback on the things I was pleased with (skin and face, though you can't tell from the pictures that she is crosseyed), and that I should skrive to do better on the things I wasn't pleased with (dress). I have a hard time building the lighter layers... Not really sure what I'm doing wrong.

    I was feeling done with Wanda, but now you're convinced me to try to improve her. I'll put her aside and return to her once I get a couple others more or less done.

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    Quick pic of tonight's work:
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    Phil's looking good to mate. I really like the way the trousers are going. Its a bit hard to tell with the rest as the pic is a little out of focus.

    With the light colour on Wanda's dress you need to use some more intermediate steps either while building the layers or as glazes at the transitions once you have the main layers down. Its looking rough because the steps between shades are too big at the moment.

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    Been working on Ned tonight... he is both a lot of fun and extremely frustrating to paint. I couldn't do justice to his eyes, so I just sculpted the glasses shut with green stuff; I think it will look better in the long run.

    All in all, I am not happy. I've been doing stuff in the wrong order, and been trying and retrying and at this point, I think he's a bit messy and blotchy. I think I can fix it, though.

    What you see above is far from done, pretty much everything except his trousers and coat needs to be finished - and I really should have done everything else before doing the shades there. Well, this is a learning experience.

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    I also have a couple of questions - are the highlights too severe? Is it too far from the darkest to lightest? Do I need more midtones? Also, with regard to the photgraphy, is it problematic that the picture became so huge, or does that help you see what I am doing? I'm running these straight from my phone, and I am posting them to get feedback and help, not because they are worth showing off.

    At my practice list, I got the following:

    - Get better at getting paints the right consistency and getting coats thinner
    - Finding a work routine that helps me out of my bad habits and lets me get better flow
    - Improving my color theory, and part of this is getting the right colors and graduations for blends and layers

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    Oistene; I think the best suggestion I can give you is to change the placement of the shadow & highlights.

    My other suggestion is to work from a midtone going down to the shadows and adding to gain the highlights as it stands there is too much "dark" overwhelming the figure especially on the back. The hardest thing to do is to translate written words into paint on a model, but I'd like you to think about looking at Google images of portraits.
    One of the greatest photographic portraitists was Karsh of Ottowa , with very strong and dramatic lighting on a lot of his images. Look at the light placement on figures, that is what you need to try to achieve with mini's.

    Now a good sculpt will almost paint itself, a poor one will make you struggle and for a startling painter THAT can be so disheartening. The "Ned" you are showing above isn't the greatest of sculpts to try to get great painting, without much clean detail. I'd suggest something with clean lines which will challenge you in the best way, something like Reapers 'Jolie the Scribe.'
    Now with that figure it's a good one to work a WIP with people helping you along the way.

    Hope that this isn't too much for you to take in but the forum and the people in it are dedicated to painting and improvement, BUT the most important person to make happy with your painting ISN'T one of us.............IT'S YOU!
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    I hear you on the sculpt part, DR. Problem is - I'm a gamer first, and a painter second, so I want to paint what I have and what I am going to play with. My goal is to have good looking gaming pieces. However, it is not a bad advice, I might pick up a couple of 'practice' minis, and do it only for the art and practice. I have noticed though, that CMoN has put more resources into the sculpts in later sets, as they are a lot cleaner. However, I dread going back to my days of dozens of unfinished projects, so as it is now, I'm finishing what have started before I start more.

    OK - enough about that. What do you mean by changing the placements? Generally, I've kept it simple, and gone with the old GW 'anything that sticks out is lighter, anything that folds in is dark' highlighting style. Its simple for my head that way. It is good for table top, but I'll look at zentennial lightning later. I looked at Karsh's pictures - that's great, makes me understand what you mean.

    I've actually painted a lot, in the past. But back then, there was no internet, and nobody else painted there. So all I had was free guides that came with Warhammer or whatever - it taught me to drybrush and little else. I'm thrilled to have found my way back to the hobby in this age, and I am thrilled that I have a forum full of genuine artists that are more than willing to help me out. So I'm happy if I can paint, improve, and get something prettier than shiny pewter on my gaming table. I'm really thankful for all advice.

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    Name:  image.jpg
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    Oistene, excuse the fact that this is a male model but the picture shows how light placement, in our case colour placement, needs to be a replication of reality.
    Aas you can see there is (are) tonal changes from the lighter tones on the shoulders to darker under the arms, belt line and lower part of the body it's this kind of reference which exemplifies the effects we need to display on models. User paler tones on the upper portions of the creases and you're well on the road.

    Hope this visual aid is a bit more helpful.
    I believe in Karma, what you give, is what you get returned. Affirmation; Savage Garden
    Oh look my IQ results came in:-
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    Right, I get what you mean now, visual aids are always good. I'm trying to do that, but I need to practise some more. For my next batch, I'll pick some models good for that excersise.

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    I'm taking a break from the Zombicide to work on something completely different: Vesper-On Game's Morgraur-Rashaar from the Carnivale game. It is huge, ugly and took hours and half a jar of LGS to clean, pin and assemble the big lug. One more round of LGS, and it is ready for priming.

    Since it should be pretty straightforward to paint, I'm going to let loose, try some new techniques and use it as a learning experience. Haven't decided on colors yet, I just know that I want it a bit flashy, not realistic like on the box. I've never painted anything like this, so any advice on the way will be appreciated.

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    Hi Oistene,

    Interesting model. I suggest priming in white or grey if you have them. Its also probably worth using a fairly thin wash of something darker applied thinly all over to pick the details out for your eyes. And also to spot any mold lines that need more work. Often i have issues with cleaning up an area and finding that what looks smooth pre priming turns into a horrible mold line once paint is applied. After that I'd be tempted to go with a light base colour and go to town with glazes/juicing to create colour variations and to create the light and shade to make the sculpt volumes pop.

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