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Thread: oistene's WIP - a mostly dead space

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    Lots of painting little pictures! I managed to get back to the Barbarian and the Princess last night, got a lot done on the shadows on the princess and also started on her face.

    Name:  2017-09-04 23.49.09.jpg
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    She's a bit chalky, not sure if I can do anything about that now except starting over. Not as noticable IRL.

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    I think she looks great.
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    looking good so far, nice flesh tones

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    She's looking great Oistene, only that little bit of grainy texture on her face... if you feel with enough energy to strip just her cheek do so, if not I'm afraid you could regret it later. Anyway, it's not a superbig problem if IRL is not htat noticeable (maybe it's just the lighting that hits that surface in a certain way)
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    I think you are right, Maenas. I looked at her with fresh eyes now and it is way too visible. I'll try to sand it down or apply a 'wash' of putty on her left cheek, little work has gone into that and I think it will be totally worth it. Other than that, thanks guys.

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    This is an excellent mini and I think you're off to a great start. I think the effort to remove the bumps from the face will be worth it in the end as well. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on this fella and lass both

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    Fixing the face was not a big deal, 15 minutes with sand paper and an exacto blade and it got a lot better. Repainted it and continued, it still need more work though. I placed most of the highlights on the rest of her, I'll work some more on the face and block in the metals, then she'll be put aside until after I can attach her to the barbarian.

    Any feedback at this point? I realise that I only have two weeks if I want to finish in time!

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    Much much much better
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    I like the cool skin tones you went with, it's like shes being rescued from a dark cave lair.

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    ^indeed, the skin tones have a nice tint to them.
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    That is *exactly* what I am going for, fluister! Putting those lessons from Roman to use.

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    More progress, started on Barbie now (and hence, the Princess is from now on named Ken).

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    Did some more work on Ken's face before I went on vaction this weekend, and I am starting to get pretty happy with it. She still needs some highlights on the face, makeup and final highlights on her hair.

    Barbie is done except metals and flesh - which is to say he is not done at all, since that is most of him. Starting on the face now.

    One week to go! Better get that brush moving...

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    Excellence in miniature painting!!!

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    Assembled! I'm now doing tweaks, tying things together, fixing details, adding highlights, doing metals... once that's done, I plan to add a little skin colour, before I enter the final detailing step.

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    WOW they look ace Oistene! looking forward those tweaks
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    You and me have very diff versions of tweaking yours is covering odds and ends to get superior painting results- when I tweak I'm out of my gird on chemicals!!! Llllooollll

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    Thanks guys! Put even more hours into the project now, and it is drawing towards a close. Any feedback at this point, even nitpick, is appreciated!

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    Looking great Oist. The only feedback I had from before was that everything looked a bit on the grey side, but I'm pretty sure that was just the photos as they look great now.

    Awesome work mate.

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    Thanks Foxtail! The greyness is probably due to the atmospheric colour - there's lots of greys in everything, and only recently have I started to add highlights to counter that, so I think it probably WAS grey. Recent photos are also taken in daylight rather than lamplight, that might also have an effect.

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