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Thread: oistene's WIP - a mostly dead space

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    Late to the party on Conan.....looks really nice though and that dark grained plinth offsets your paler skin tones really nicely. Great job...big fan of the matt finish as well.

    Regarding Kylo's clothing........ooof.

    Good Luck!

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    I don't want to work today. I want to go home and paint.

    That's all.

    Stupid Monday.

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    Wasted all day yesterday lurking on the sofa with a vile hangover....now feel like I wasted half the weekend/painting time.


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    It may be Tuesday evening here now in the US but I feel the same way Oistene! If only there was more time in the day or less time spent at work...

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    I haven't been painting much, and now the deadline for the contest is drawing near. Spent a bunch of time painting furniture for Massive Darkness and building minis rather than working on Kylo, but forced myself back to the table last night and got some of that texture down.

    Name:  22448552_1251548361616297_836268546511603536_n.jpg
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    ||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=|| =||=||=||=||=
    =||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=| |=||=||=||=||
    ||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=|| =||=||=||=||=
    =||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=||=| |=||=||=||=||

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    That whole process would be maddening...Kudos for sticking to it though it'll pay off when it's all done i'm sure.
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    It is nice to see another update on this guy. I happen to have a fairly high-quality action figure of this guy which has texture on the plastic for Kylo's robes and you're really nailing how those robes look. Keep up the good, and what I'm sure is hard, work!

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    must take some effort to get this done, sure it will pay off, looking good so far.

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    I finally posted the completed Barbarian and Princess at my page. For the whole gallery, look here: https://www.facebook.com/gnomefather...70406029730530 - this should also be visible to non-Facebook users, please tell me if it isn't so!

    Quick teaser images:

    Name:  slaves.jpg
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Size:  62.7 KBName:  slaves2.jpg
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    Will probably post the finished Kylo tomorrow!

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    Very nice, love the skin tones...

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    Stupendous work oist!!!

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    By Crom I approve!
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    Love the muted pallete on this...will poke my nose in to your link to check it out some more.

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    Thanks guys! And now, the finished Kylo:

    Name:  23333953_1271191619651971_8206129011490934170_o.jpg
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    I love the lightsaber lightning effect

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    Looks great Oistene, that weave pattern must have driven you insane (I know it would me) overall effect with the OSL is super effective. Nice job

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairster View Post
    Looks great Oistene, that weave pattern must have driven you insane (I know it would me) overall effect with the OSL is super effective. Nice job
    Yeah, but the weave pattern turned out super awesome!

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    I'm a little late on the Conan mini but between him and Kylo, you really knocked it out of the park on these two! Truly excellent paint work here. It is also impressive how you went from low-tech fantasy to futuristic sci-fi too. I can't wait to see what painting project you take on next!

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    Dynamite oist DYNO - MIIIITE

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