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    I love your Conan! I really think trough that with a saturated back ground the subject would be coming out more.

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    Belated thanks to everyone! I appreciate your kind words, really do!

    Before Xmas, I had a really great day at work. My workplace owns a Zombicide set, it has never been played but the bossman has been talking about boardgames and pizza an afternoon in the future. Either way, we were having a 'Hackathon' - two days to work on personal projects, work related tasks were forbidden, tasks that could improve the work space encouraged. I was only in one of these days, but this day I brought my paints and started cracking on the heroes in the Zombicide set. After a simple prep (just removed the very worst moldlines, no fancy or time consuming work here) and priming, I had a little over six hours to finish the six models.

    And I made it. I brought them home to varnish and add a little blood effect, but other than that everything was done in six and a half hour, using the speed technique I learned from Roman Lappat this summer.

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    These look great, especially considering the short time frame.

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    Showing off some other project I am working on, and at the same time doing a quick tutorial for leather. This is fast and rough, but should give the general idea.
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    First step: I put down some colours on my palette. The exact colours are unimportant and depends on what kind of leather you are painting, but since I know someone will want to know, I have P3 Umbral Umber, P3 Gun Corps Brown, P3 Jack Bone and P3 Menoth White Highlight. Basically, you need a dark colour, like black or umber, one or two browns you like, and ivory or white.

    Name:  s2.jpg
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    This is the starting point, Dr. Douglas McMourning. Doug has gotten a coat of a light brown that might or might not be P3 Gun Corps Brown, then a wash of a darker brown. I suspect Scale Inktense Chestnut, but there's a couple of weeks since I did this. Doesn't matter, just paint the leather and shade it.

    Name:  s3.jpg
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    The tutorial starts for real! I restore the base colour using my light brown. The trick there is to not be too neat - if you paint too smoothly, this will ruin the effect. I more or less jab at the model with the brush, making the pattern uneven as I cover most of the higher parts. This is a lot like stippling, in fact.

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    Adding some ivory to my brown, I put down the highlights. Again, not working snooth, instead just placing dots and lines along the highs, using the side of the brush tip. I add more ivory to my mix, and do a second highlight in the same manner. As you can see, not all of the highs are covered, giving a worn look.

    Name:  s5.jpg
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    Time to neaten up. I go in and place some umber in shadowed areas, but I also put some really spots into the highlighted areas where I feel they are too bright, or I just want them more random. Careful! The umber is a lot darker than the other colours, water the paint, unload your brush and just let the tip touch the surface gently. You are adjusting, not coating.

    Once this stage is done, I take a bit of beige and add a few thin lines to make the surfaces more beat up. At this point you can use many different browns to mess it up even more, purples and reds can work too. Don't overdo it, or it will look messy.

    Finally, I go back with a mix of the umber and the light brown and fix bits I think are too bright.

    I spent maybe 15 minutes on all of this, but you can fix and adjust and add colour and scratches as much as you want to perfect it. I'll probably go back to the leather once I progress further with the model and can see how everything works together. I probably want to darken some shadows and maybe glaze it with a brown to tie it together and calm down some of the highs.

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    Nice... good little tutorial for leather, cheers...

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    Love this model and love that cracked leather just as much . Excellent explanation!!! Btw this sounds exactly like what I do in my painting routine !!! So I guess I’m doing this right!!!
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    Have you done any busts , Oist ..? I think your talents are waisted on the small stuff , looks awesome mate ,love the orange hair .Cheers for the leather tut .
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    Thanks fellows! Terra, I have done exactly ONE bust, this one, which I think you might have seen:

    Name:  20616851_1193795540724913_2353588872465785978_o.jpg
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    Thing is, while I try to do some large scale painting once in a while, painting for gaming is what really drives me. It is all about finding a balance. If I like what I paint, it is not wasted.

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    Interesting tutorial, thanks for sharing, I like your version of mcmourning as well

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    The light effect on the face is really well done.

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    Nice progress on the crazy doc! and the 1 bust you have done looks great, I dig the lighting!

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    Since people are reading and commenting here, maybe I should take the hint and upload some pictures on the finished doc. Thanks guys!

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    Almost an update - I painted a model and entered it into Wyrd's Creature Feature contest. I am not allowed to say which one is mine, but hey, just vote for whatever you think is the best one. Voting closes tomorrow!


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    Pm me about which paintbrush your looking for.

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    My favourites are: cf02, 16, 25, 32, 44, 45, 48 and 52....
    Hoping yours is in those numbers... ^^' There is a lot of difference between the entries... some are really good, some have very bad pictures, a couple were not even painted oO' but there are five or six pieces with a really nice level of paintwork.
    Good luck!
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    Without any hint-dropping, I would say that I pretty much agree with you, Maenas!

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    I too condone this message!!! Lol

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    I shall have to get an have gander when I have a moment
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