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Thread: oistene's WIP - a mostly dead space

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    Okay, this got more exciting that it should be. Single votes break up the top three, and there are only an hour left of the voting.

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    Or maybe yet another few hours. I don't understand a thing. Seems like there is still time, please vote for your favourite!

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    LETS GO MEN-vote bring listeners home with the gold. Black kaw kaw...

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    I tried to go to the page and there is nothing there, I like the bust tho!

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    The party at Wyrd ended - but I got second place! Not too shabby! Here is the bread bringer:

    Name:  creaturefeature.jpg
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    Well done! The paint scheme matches it's sinister nature.

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    oh! congratulations then! You were pretty close! which mini won first in the end? ^^
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    well done, thats a great result. really nice paint job as well.

    As it happens I decided a few days ago that one of these will be the next member of my resser crew.
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    I may be missing something, but I think your piece is a hell of a lot better??? Crazy???
    anyways congrats on the second place...

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    As far as the winner-I could see they picked it for the modeling but as far as RAW painting and technical skill vs technical skill yours is ahead of it in every single facet. From technique to color choice etc.

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    yep defiantly a higher level of skill and execution going on there!

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    Forum votes are fickle - there were great pieces that did not rank at all. But thanks for the votes of confidence, guys!

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    lovely looking piece, love the texturework on the cloak and overall mood of the model. Really nice.

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    New Wyrd contest up! There's some strange voting going on there, so I urge everyone to vote for their actual favourites. I have entered again, and as per the rules, I am not allowed to say which in public forums. So, like last time, I want you to vote, not necessarily to vote for me.


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    Contest ended... some strange results, to say the least. Anyway, here is my piece. I don't know my final rank, I think I was bubbling around 5th-6th when voting closed.

    Name:  graves.jpg
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    thats a really nice version of mr graves. really nice work
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    Was my fav , was the best, nuff said!!!

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    Love your Wyrd entry, oistene. The fabrics, in particular, are great.

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