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Thread: oistene's WIP - a mostly dead space

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    Nice tone throughout on this one Oist. I really like the skin on him, especially the face.

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    AGreed, fabric on the waistcoat and skin on the face plus eyes... killer combo!
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    Trying to make my dead space a living one... or at the very least, undead.

    I am currently in Chicago, preparing for Adepticon and Crystal Brush! Did a little painting at the hotel earlier today, just a few minor touches are needed to these before I call 'em done. This will be my entry for the unit category.

    Name:  IMG_7503.HEIC.jpeg
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    Name:  IMG_7505.HEIC.jpeg
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    I still have a little time to put the brush on these, so any feedback is appreciated!

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    All I have to say is good luck at the comp! These look great!

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    Good to see you back on the forums! I really like this piece and the basing is really impressive in particular! I wish you luck in the competition and I too will be at Adepticon on Saturday for my first time. Really looking forward to it and I will hopefully see your work while I'm there too

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