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    This is one of very few miniature games I am actually confident about the rules!
    I've always collected and painted Warhammer, Inquisitor, etc etc but the constant rule changes and things always meant I never really learned how to play properly.

    I know Heroclix figures are pre-painted and sometimes the sculpts are a little off, but on the whole I think they are pretty good- and easy to repaint or convert.

    Does anyone else here play?

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    I used to be heavy into Heroclix. I even judged in my area for a while. I found the rules to be pretty solid, even if they did lead to some really cheesy min/max stuff. When Topps dropped Wizkids they lost me, and I never went back. Now I actively avoid blind box collectible games.

    Also, I found that I really enjoy the modeling hobby. I still pull an occasional heroclix mini to practice different techniques with. There is a cosmic hulk on my desk right now, actually.

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    I have found the rules to be INFINITELY simpler than any other tabletop game so far - other than Star trek attack wing or Star wars X-wing, which are based off a very similar set of rules anyway.
    I have found that heroclix figures are normally painted to at least a basic standard (maybe a 4-5 average on Cmon) and sometimes better, although I agree- they are useful for practising techniques - particularly due to them being MUCH cheaper warhammer or equivalent single figure.

    I'm not sure how different clix is now from before, but from people I've played with it's not that dissimilar. I would recommend it to people as a starter hobby for sure, as you don't need to get hundreds of figures just to play a standard sized game. And if you play like I do (I just choose the figures I like the look of the most or have affinity with - such as my complete Bioshock Infinite collection) then you don't have to worry about completing sets or finding that one elusive figure.

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    I have been playing Marvel Heroclix for quite a long time now, from the introduction of Infinity Challenge. I always found the rules fairly easy to follow and have had many a good game. The only thing I wish that would improve is the paint work and details on the miniatures.

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    I agree the quality is sometimes an issue, but on the whole I think the sculpts are pretty good. The painting is basic, but what's to be expected from a mass-produced pre-painted figure at that price?
    I've done a couple of custom figures too which I may upload to here at some point :P

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    I've never played the game, but have collected a few here and there, just to try and repaint.

    I wish they'd just offer an unpainted metal/plastic version of their sculpts. I'd buy a ton.

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    Supposedly some potentially great proxies for other systems according to rumors..
    or a greati source of bitz for conversions..
    cannot say anything about the ruleset so far. Since I have not tried it yet..

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