2h Ork Burna Boy Tutorial (competition level) on Youtube!
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Thread: 2h Ork Burna Boy Tutorial (competition level) on Youtube!

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    Cool 2h Ork Burna Boy Tutorial (competition level) on Youtube!

    Hey CMONers!

    We have just finished our first Episode of the free Painting Buddha Community College: A competition level Ork Burna Boy painted by tripple-slayer-sword-winner Ben Komets.

    The first episode runs a total of 2 hours and comes in three parts.

    There are a total of 42 videos planned for the first PBCC course - and they will all be available on YouTube for free.
    If you would like to support us, SHARING & ENJOYING what we do with your friends would be awesome

    We'd also love to hear how we could improve the videos and what you would like us to paint in the future (certain miniatures, manufacturers of painting subjects).

    Have a great weekend, everybody!





    PAINTINGBUDDHA - Where YOU learn to BE a BETTER painter!

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    I haven't watched these yet, so I can't comment on the contents yet (I will, though, when I have watched all three parts). I just wanted to commend you for sharing this kind of stuff with the community for free! That is community spirit!!
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    nah mr bartels is only after the attention ho ho ho

    seriously, cool stuff. ill try to sneak peak them more here at work

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    I saw the first 2 parts (released in the last 2 weeks), they were really good.
    About on par with the DVD-s they have.

    I wonder what the next theme will be. Here the painting is top and all, but I don't care about orks much (also a few interesting things (camo for example) were left out/skipped)

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    very nice, it's cool that they're talking during the whole project, very beginnerfriendly. Thanks for sharing

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    Perfect timing, I'm trying to get back into painting after a long break, and I just started painting an Ork Stormboy today! This will be really helpful. Thanks!

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    Thank you, these are fantastic tutorials. Congratulations on a job very well done

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