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    Hi Guys,
    Just out of curiosity.
    If I have say 40 Black paladins - pro painted. What would theese be worth?

    Kind regards

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    Whatever the market will bear. There was a time when Black Paladins were stupidly popular, and a NIB blister would easily fetch $50 USD and up.

    It also depends on the paintjob. There's so many 'pro - painted' models that are barely worthy of the name, it has become a joke.

    Brand new, I would pay $20 USD a blister, easy. Painted, I would want to see the actual paintjob with up-close shots. If the job would score a 8+ on CMON, I may consider a higher offer.

    If the paintjob were a 9+, done by a prominent artist, with all sorts of effects like OSL and freehand, and I was impressed, I would easily pay $100+ USD per unit.

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    It's a part of an army I'm about to buy, so I'm checking up on it's worth. It won best painted army in the Austrian National Championship in 2006

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    also to consider if they are recasts or not. You can't tell the difference, but it hangs on the moral of the seller.

    That said... 40 original R paladins painted... I'd say $300-400 is more than realistic for them. double that if the painting you really like.

    also why would anyone build an acheron army with only black paladins? There is only 3 sculpts and basically 1 profile, so it might be a bit boring after a while.

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    It's only a part of the army. It have been used as a vampire count army, so the bp have been used as grave guards. It's trusted seller, so no worries there.

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