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    Okay, so....
    Here\'s my last mini:
    Front view
    Several views

    It\'s a Rackham gobelin, which I had a lot of fun doing.
    I tried to go for an earthy look, actually I think I did it :).
    My biggest problem is the base (apart from the fact that I cut my fingers doig it, but that doesn\'t matter, it\'ll be forgotten by the time I do the next one :D). I don\'t know what lacks. But something lacks.
    I need help here. I wanted to represent plants you could find in the woods. But, somehow, I\'m sot satisfied. Any idea?

    Well, anyway, I\'d love to get comments :). If possible, some feedback on how to improve :D. Actually, any comment\'d be good ;).


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    Really nicely painted, love the skin tone you gave him. I think the problem with the base is that it\'s too clustered and the fact that the base elements aren\'t painted looks wrong, kind of like a picture in the middle of a comique. I gave it a 7,5 , improve the base and it\'s good solid 8.

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    I think that this is realy well done I like the tones you have used makes it look dark and menacing.
    I think that maybe I would have gone for a base with darker edging the brightness of it kind of draws the eye away from the mini. But that\'s just my personal taste it is a good solid 8 IMO.

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    I don´t think the base is to clustered - there is only to much different stuff on it.
    A darker base might help also, something natural looking.

    But the paintjob on the Goblin is really great. I would get a nasty shock, if such a bugger would sneak upon me.

    You get an 8 from me.

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    The mini itself is excellent. The colour scheme is just to my liking; not too bright and colourful, but darkish and menacing. The base is OK, but you should try to raise the mini above the leaves and foliage so that it doesn\'t get obscured as it tends to be now. Also, putting some static grass around the plants is probably a good idea. You could drybrush it with some beige and bone colour so it doesn\'t look too bright. Finally, paint the edges of the base! I second Frenchkid\'s comments about that.

    The mini is excellently painted and deserves a 9, but the issues with the base lowers my score to an 8.


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    You could do with a brighter photo too.... I think it should be scoring higher - it\'s very well done:D

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    there is not enough mid-tone in the shading. Very high contrast painting is not my cup of tea though. as others have said it is dark but it isn\'t menacing. I\'d wanna pat it on the head or kick it. :P too cute for me to call it menacing.

    Aside from that, I love the base. How DID you do that?

    oh... and 7. would be an 8 but the high contrast just isn\'t something I am fond of.

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    easily an 8+ for me, great job on the mini!

    Still, if you\'re looking for a more natural wood base, you sohuld try some tricks:
    -put the mini on a piece of stone (cork should work) to help it standing out
    -use other little pieces of cork here and there as stones
    -use sand painted as earth
    -a little static grass over it
    -some plants, bushes and leaves, and small birch branches to simulate a real wood

    check those out as examples, they\'re quite easy and fast to achieve :

    i\'m always ready to answer if you have further questions!


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    Painting is great like it. Dont know how I\'d improve it so I\'ll leave any comments about that for the better painters here. As for the base I really dont like it. What is on there is fine the shrubbery has nothing wrong with it. Its just the size I think a larger diameter base with more space around the clump of plants with more bare earth around it would look much better and not so cluttered. Also a darker base with a plaque and flashing lights in its own cabinet, Ok maybe thats a bit over the top :) Nice job.

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    Thanks for all your comments :)!
    So.... You\'re very definitely right about the base. So, I removed some plants, gave more sapce to the remaining ones, added some brown static grass. It does look better now, but I\'m not yet finished with it.... Maybe I\'ll paint the wood black, I liked it but it\'s definitely a bit bright compared to the rest.

    And thanks for the tips Luca, I have a question though. What did you use to get that foliage effect on the first mini base? That\'s what I\'d have liked to do, but I have no clue on how I can manage to do that :).

    Anyway, thanks again for the comments :).

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    That is one WICKED goblin mate, I agree with some1..erm...up there^^^ def want to see more of the figure!

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    Originally posted by Kendaric
    And thanks for the tips Luca, I have a question though. What did you use to get that foliage effect on the first mini base? That\'s what I\'d have liked to do, but I have no clue on how I can manage to do that :).
    I used a product from Faller intented for train dioramas called \"Modellbau fur den Profi\" (there\'s also an english name, \"scatter material\"). Anyway, it\'s basically dry and grinded foilage. I guess that oregano or birch seeds may work the same, once you glued it, painted in a dark shade and drybrushed a little bit!


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