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    Hello !

    I would like to show my space marine figure. This is my fourth painted figure in 28mm scale.
    I paint 15mm figures mostly, but painting 28mm is addictive . Therefore I want to learn painting in this scale as best as I can, so any painting suggestions are welcome .

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    Really nice neat paintwork. The red looks nice and vibrant. I like the freehand chapter icon. And the other icons and details are really well done too.

    Some suggestions.
    1. More contrast overall. Your highlights look good, but I feel that the shadows could be deeper. Use the to emphasise the shapes esp. in areas like the shoulder pads and exhaust nozzles.
    2. Basing. I don't mean full on scene type basing (unless thats what you are shooting for). The base of this figure painting and construction don't match the level effort you put in on the figure. A simple base can work just fine but it needs to have the same attention punt into it as the mini. Use the base to emphasise the figure. On this base I'd suggest some small gravel type flock esp. where the rock attaches to the gaming base. Some colour variation across the rock (add some red and maybe greys into the base colour to vary the tone randomly across it). More contrast emphisise the shadowed areas again esp down the sides of the rock. If these are overall darker it creates a little spotlight on the figure.
    3. If you are comfortable start a WIP thread in the WIP forum.

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    Yeah that looks pretty outstanding to me. Very clean! I bet you might have fun painting a more organic figure too. Orcs can be awfully fun to paint up.

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