Awesome demo pics - what is your demo army like?
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Thread: Awesome demo pics - what is your demo army like?

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    Default Awesome demo pics - what is your demo army like?

    Hey Legionnaires,

    I might have missed the earlier threads on this but I wanted to post up an image from a demo game I did last week. Lots of fun! Lots of Bruce Willis kicking butt.

    Name:  zmobicide image.jpg
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    It's always nice to see people taking effort to paint there work and I've been reading some of the 'look at my survivor' threads. THere are some awesome pieces of work out there.

    My mass painting technique (which I'm sorry, i HAVE to do to get Zombies finished) is to use a muted color pallet [grey, black, white, grey-greens, dirty blues, dirty yellows] for most of the zombies. Rather than go with the typical green or palid zombies, I went for a purple flesh tone.

    The exception of this are my toxics [which are still works in progress at this point].

    I've found Army Painter dip to be invaluable here. Does anyone have any homebrew dip recipies to suggest or paint jobs they want to share here?

    I'd love to see what other demo people are doing -



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    oh,... and yes, for sake of ease I color coded my bases.

    Blue for walkers
    Yellow for runners
    Red for Aboms/Fatties

    and my tocis zombies will have a 'green' skin tone and follow the b/y/r scheme as well.

    It makes for easy grabbing when laying things out.

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    Looks good, but......
    How do you distinguish between an ordinary runner and a berserk runner ?

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    What paints did you use for your purple zombies?


    I do mine zombies similiar to this video:
    Sorastro's Zombie Painting Guide Ep.1

    Primer: army painters necrotic flesh

    Variant 1:
    I used differend vallejo skin colors + bonewhite drybrush (or drybrush with vampiric shadow/vampiric skin from Reaper Miniatures) on most walkers
    Also a nectrotic flesh color with
    Last step strong tone army painter quickshade (QS)

    Variant 2:
    after army painters necrotic flesh only strong tone quickshade

    Still need to paint few fatties and abominiation before I proceed with Berserkers or Toxics.

    Quickshade is not really the last step, I still need to make some corrections and blood splatter, but QS also helps to protect the minis until I proceed with them!

    On the runners I recognized the mp3-player while putting QS on them.

    use tamiya clear red x27 + black or brown
    or instead of tamiya clear red you can also use Minitair Ghost Tint Fresh blood.

    More about how to mix blood in this video! Most important in this video are the first 30-40 seconds.

    For blood splatter effects is this video very good.

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