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    Question New to the Forums? Allow Me

    Hi, and welcome to the Rivet Wars Forums at Cool Mini or Not! There is a great deal that goes on here, and after looking at several pages of threads and the like, I know it can seem overwhelming. We are all here for different things, so I think that this will become a great first stop for all those interested in Rivet Wars and what the forums here can offer you. So, I figured I would just allocate and organize topics of interest here in this thread to aid in directing you to posts that you would be most interested in.

    Now, I shall attempt to stay away from obvious threads of interest in the like, but I'll help you find what you are looking for faster. How's that? If anyone else is looking to help me with this project, I will update this thread as often as needed.

    Official Links and Threads

    Rivet Wars Website:

    Rivet Wars On Facebook: LIKE IT!

    Rivet Wars Frequently Asked Questions:

    Be sure to check out the FAQ located on the main Website as well, as that document is updated often and has many game-changing decisions inside of it that could vary for you!

    Rivet Wars on Podcast:

    Rivet Wars: Armies (Tabletop Rules):

    The Amazing Decur's Website: is an amazing place for Rivet Wars. Our good friend Decur has put hours and hours of work into things we all know and love. Here you may find the Scenario Editor and the Custom Card Creator. The Scenario editor comes with a Map Generator for creating your own Rivet Wars tiles and with templates for an official looking Scenario page. The Card Creator allows you to create custom Unit cards, custom Action Cards, Secret Mission Cards, and even rule cards! He also tries to showcase community made Scenarios and Cards on his site. Worth your time to check it out!

    Wave 2 Model Discussion:

    Air Rules:

    Miniature Painting

    COMON Painting Contest 27- Rivet Wars' First Official Painting Contest

    Wondercat Painted Rivets:

    Removing Bases for Painting Issues:

    Buldog's Rusty Old Rivets:

    Binary Sunrise Painting Thread:

    Blkdymnd Painting Thread:!

    Red Baron and Other Wave 2:

    Community Crafts

    "The Workshop" by nouvelle:

    Awesome Custom Terrain Board:

    "Rivet Homes" by Hithero:

    Asatru's Custom Strategic Objectives:

    "Rivet Wars Houses" By Landship Scorpios:

    Rivet Wars Gaming Table:

    Steam Crow's Jeep Conversion:

    Asatru's Bunker:

    Asatru's Terrain Elements:

    Big Bertha:

    Rivet Wars Fan Fiction:

    Steam Crow's Amazing Trench Table: Also, Steam Crow is an amazing artist with many prints. He has made two (kinda) famous propaganda photos. Please go and check out his website!

    Custom Scenarios and Game Changers

    Community Campaign Ideas:

    Decur's Amazing Scenario Editor:

    Scenario Editor for Mac:

    Custom Cards By Comedianmasta:

    Battle of Telberg CAMPAIGN:

    Gametype: Demolition:

    Gametype: Capture the Flag:

    Building Rules by Landship Scorpios:

    Experiments with Cover and Building Rules:

    Titan Armor:

    CARD BUILDER- Decur:

    Global Campaign Talk:

    Custom Secret Missions by Decur:

    News and Inside Looks

    Western Front Updates:

    Miniature Market Expansions:

    All Stat Cards:

    Ruska Lancer:

    Action Figures:!

    Ted's Work With Boats and Bridges:


    Rivet Wars Pointers:

    Unboxing Video:

    Expansion Models Use:

    Wave 2 Miniatures:

    I hope this helps. A great deal of time and effort have gone into this Forum and there is a great many things to see. So go ahead, check it out, and see what interests you. I will update the list and Organize it more with time. Feel free to introduce yourself or ask questions here! And remember, Rivet Wars has a strong community here. Opinionated, yes. Active, most definitely. However, with Wave 2 due soon, we need all who enter it to add to it in order for the community to survive and grow. Again, I hope this helps.

    Welcome to the Forum
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    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    I'm not new, anymore, but I do think this is excellent, it's way easier to find all the posts I have enjoyed.

    Anyways, I'm Richard from Calgary, Alberta. I was lucky to find and back the kickstarter, I love the models and the game play, it's a ton of fun. So excited for the planes.
    I'm already ready to back the next kickstarter when it happens, love the new model designs so far.

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    Hope this gets made a sticky - a great review of the work done by everyone so far!

    Might be worth checking for some of the extra scenario threads too them.
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Decar View Post

    Might be worth checking for some of the extra scenario threads too them.
    I don't understand. Which should I add?
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    Meant this one:

    I was also thinking of hithero's Battle for Bagnosta and Canal Crossing - but they didnt seem to have their own threads, so ignore me!
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor -

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    I think every forum needs a post like this for the new people.

    These are all great resources, thanks for putting this together for the new (and old) members!

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    Thank you for this!! I am about half way through painting the core box at this point and can't wait for the next box to get here!

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    Hey Kayln, welcome to the forum
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Decar View Post
    Hey Kayln, welcome to the forum
    Thanks. I keep meaning to make a thread with the units I have painted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kayln View Post
    Thanks. I keep meaning to make a thread with the units I have painted.
    Do it! I can make reference with it here.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    I always like seeing people's art work! I'm utterly terrible at painting, so it's great seeing what people manage to achieve!
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor -

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    Hey, is my Trench Table worthy of being added to this list?:

    Thank you!
    Check out more Steam Crow art here!

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    Your Trech Table is ridiculous and should be mentioned whenever Rivet Wars is mentioned anywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steamcrow View Post
    Hey, is my Trench Table worthy of being added to this list?:

    Thank you!

    Damn right! And your Propaganda photos. Gotta get some people to purchase a print or two.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    Gonna be working on this within the next few days. But for now, just a bump.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    This should be a sticky post!
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor -

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    I am going to bump this and update it later.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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