New Hero's Teased - Any info on next expansions?
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Thread: New Hero's Teased - Any info on next expansions?

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    Default New Hero's Teased - Any info on next expansions?

    Just curious if there was any info released for heroes like Nibbles and Zahra who are not Kickstarter exclusive. How exactly will they be sold?

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    It looks like you can order them from retailers. One example is:

    Notice that there are actually some new characters there (Leroy, Hassan, and Yun)

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    Oh, didn't realize they were going to be selling them each individually. I guess I was expecting character packs with like 4 minis (like Krosmaster) or expansions with a little bit of everything (like Descent) including new heroes.

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    I think an interesting way to sell these types of Character Expansions would be as "Guilds" of three or more characters. Small promos of adventure tiles and enemies would also add additional flavor. Full campaign books of course.

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    I do like the idea of getting multiple characters in a pack instead of just buying one-offs. I am hoping that there will be many more expansions/campaigns to come.

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